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Gardener's Corner: How Not to Grow Carrots

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If you love long, straight homegrown carrots, well, wrong thread. Because what I specialized in this winter was throwing some carrots in an empty pot and then letting Mother Nature do everything else. Mother Nature does a crappy job of thinning carrots.

So yesterday was beautiful and sunny and while out wandering in the yard, I stopped to check the carrots. See photo one. 😂

So I thought I'd better pull the clumps. See photo two! What a carrot!

After cleanup (photo 3) I couldn't decide if I should try to separate it, or just have it bronzed.

Many grueling surgical minutes later, I had successfully separated my carrots, photo 4.

I do not recommend using my method to grow carrots unless growing them for your own amusement. 😊

They tasted great in last night's frittata though.







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I had an empty pot in the garden (still had dirt) that my bedroom looked out on. One day I was at our local nursery and I saw they had plantings of tiny carrots in those 6-well pony paks, so I brought them home and stuck them into that pot. 

They weren't any too thinned to begin with in their container, and I only thinned a bit and then basically forgot about them, so...

They just sorta did their own thing!  :spider3


Calvino, thinning is murder, amirite? Plus it's excruciatingly boring. :lol

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