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So who else has been vicariously traversing the continent with the Tweedys? :) I watch the Tweedy Show bus shows and I wind up mentally planning a trip route and scheming on roadtrip snacks. (Blueberries! Hot Funyuns!) It has made me realize how much I want to go out to some slightly far away place....just something fresh to my eyes. Bryce Canyon or the CA midcoast? I hadn't really felt hemmed in, too badly anyway, but seeing them travel has been a nice vicarious tagalong for me, mentally. Makes me long to be safe to do that again in real life. Soon. We will have much more appreciation of it, too.:yes


Where do you want to travel next, once you can? I'd love it to be Solid Sound, but a lot of places lure me right now.

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We are finally getting out of Dodge tomorrow thru the rest of the week -- rented a cabin on a lake in Southern Illinois. Plan to hike and fish with the family. Low key in insolation, as much as possible.

We also will get to visit some family who are fully vaccinated.

I am looking forward to the drive.

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