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I know we have some amazing cooks among the membership! What have you made lately that you're justifiably proud of?

Bonus points if you manage to assign your dish a Wilco-related title.:spider3 


Share something enticing and I'll tell you how to make the BEST "Red Eyed and Red Onions" pickled red onions.





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10 hours ago, Heart full of holes said:

I made a dee-lish mushroom casserole that is a riff on stuffed mushrooms (Thank you Smitten Kitchen).  Served it alongside some pan-roasted salmon and a green salad.  Yum.

I'm calling it "Mushunderstood" :eat


You can come make dinner at my house any time! Also: Bonus points awarded for your casserole name. Save up those points! :thumbup

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5 hours ago, ladyC said:

Have this beautiful bowlful of Meyer lemons, so I baked!

Lemon bread with, uh, bloobs (SO good!)

and Meyer lemon side with the Poppy seed muffins. 
Do I get points??



Ooh, Lemon Bloobs Bread! Of course you get points, for your use of Sammy Tweedy terminology! :spider3 As long as you send me this recipe, because I have both lemons and bloobs growing! rzWWtNx2RJJv08YFUOCEcIFotyPacnuXUim5WZI9


Send that poppy side with the seeds one too! :eat

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