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Well, She Gets an "A"

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Hoping to surprise me, one of my students wore this shirt to class today. I actually didn't notice until halfway through my presentation on allegory in The Crucible, and then I had to power through the rest of the lesson without acknowledging the shirt. Not easy! When we ended up with a few free moments at the end of the period, I said, "Any questions about your task? No? Okay. So, we have a minute here. We have to talk about the shirt."

The entire class was momentarily perplexed, but this girl immediately beamed and stood up. I only needed five minutes to deliver an impromptu lecture on the making and release of YHF, complete with details about personnel changes, record label drama, leveraging the Internet, critical reception, and the unanticipated reverberations after 9/11.


"That's a really good story," said another student, as the bell rang.

(Photo shared with parental permission.)


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Awesome! Of course, classic rock t-shirts all the rage among teenagers these days, but this one is definitely cool. I saw a student wearing a Smiths t-shirt yesterday. Another fairly deep dive.


I'll often stop kids in Stones, Pink Floyd, AC/DC, Nirvana, etc. shirts and ask them to name people in the bands or 5 songs. They mostly fail. I always tell them it's worth exploring. The exception is a girl I have whose name is Zeppelin. As you might guess, she was raised on it.

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Update: She wore it again today. When I asked whether it was going to be part of her regular rotation, she said that it might be her favorite shirt.


"It's obviously your best shirt," I said.

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