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Wilco — 28 October 2021, Austin, TX (ACL Live At The Moody Theater) [ACL Hall Of Fame Induction]

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I'll probably get to writing something about this "show" at some point, but it won't be a full recap since Wilco was only a part of a few songs. Basically, the format was each inductee had a short video tribute, then was introduced by a fellow artist and gave an acceptance speech followed by a few songs spotlighting their work — either performed by the inductees themselves, or by other artists with or without the inductees or with the house band, which was led by Lloyd Maines on pedal steel (who, as Jeff noted, played on A.M.; for the record, he was on four songs — It’s Just That Simple, Blue-Eyed Soul, I Thought I Held You And Dash 7).


Alejandro Escovedo's segment led off the program, followed by Lucinda Williams' section. Then there was a short intermission before Wilco's portion concluded the evening.


Here was the complete "setlist," as played, for the entire program:


Alejandro Escovedo

-lntroduction by Lenny Kaye

-Alejandro Escovedo acceptance speech

-Algo Azul (Spanish-language version of Something Blue) [Alejandro on electric guitar w/Alex Ruiz on lead vocals, Sheila E. on drums and Lenny Kaye on electric guitar and house band, including string section)

-Sally Was A Cop [Alejandro on electric guitar w/John Doe on lead vocals, Sheila E. on drums, Lenny Kaye on electric guitar and house band, including string section]

-Put You Down [Alejandro on electric guitar w/Sheila E. on drums and house band, including string section]


Lucinda Williams

-Introduction by Jason Isbell

-Lucinda Williams acceptance speech

-I Envy The Wind [Jason Isbell on electric guitar and vocals w/house band]

-Crescent City [Lucinda w/Rosanne Cash on co-vocals and house band]

-Changed The Locks [Lucinda w/Margo Price on electric guitar and co-vocals and house band]



-Introduction by Rosanne Cash

-Wilco acceptance speech (by Jeff Tweedy)

-A Shot In The Arm [Wilco w/Lloyd Maines on pedal steel]

-Sky Blue Sky [Bill Callahan on vocals and acoustic guitar and Nels Cline on lap steel]

-One Sunday Morning (Song For Jane Smiley's Boyfriend) [Terry Allen on vocals and keyboard]

-Jesus, etc. [Wilco w/Michelle Zauner on co-vocals and string section]

-California Stars [entire ensemble, including Wilco w/Rosanne Cash, Terry Allen, Alejandro Escovedo on co-vocals, Sheila E. on percussion, Jason Isbell and Lenny Kaye on electric guitar, John Doe, Bill Callahan, Margo Price and Michelle Zauner on backing vocals]

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For the first time in a long while, I was actually giddy for a show, largely based on the potential of covers and collaborations. And I’m quite grateful I wasn’t let down. Despite the brevity of “sets” as noted by our fearless scribe above, there were several standouts. Jason Isbell doing justice in earnest to I Envy The Wind, Margo Price “rescuing” a legend, and everything that was Roseanne Cash were all beautiful moments. And, trying to describe the vibe of seeing Alejandro Escovedo’s set while sitting next to his family and cheering section that was easily 30 people strong wouldn’t capture the warmth and love that was clearly in the room. But my personal highlight was the emblematic choice by “the quintessential ACL band” to have Terry Allen perform solo, and for One Sunday Morning to be the selection. I’m sure all but a few folks in the crowd were scratching their heads on the choice, while those of us who have spent a little more time in these quarters were nodding appreciatively with wry grins behind our masks thinking “yeah, that’s about right.” 

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Michelle Zauner! Japanese Breakfast was the first show I saw when shows started happening again, and Jubilee has been in heavy rotation this year. Knowing about the mutual admiration between Wilco and JB -- Jeff covering Kokomo, Indiana on the Tweedy Show, Michelle saying she walked down the aisle to She's a Jar, of all songs -- this is such a lovely and fitting meeting of the minds. I'm pulling for a Japanese Breakfast set at Solid Sound '22. One can dream!

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