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Wilco — 28 June 2022, Madrid, Spain (Real Jardín Botánico Alfonso XIII) [Noches Del Botánico; Night 2 of 2]

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Hey hey hey...it's (very svelte and certainly not in need of Noom or any of that nonsense) Albert,


Having perhaps unfortunately re-entered the boundaries of the cruel country we call Los Estados Unidos approximately a week ago now, I am finally here to submit my firsthand report as it concerns the final show of Wilco's recent jaunt around the Iberian peninsula. Did you believe I wouldn't actually get around to recounting said show? I wouldn't blame you. Does anyone, even your decidedly streamlined and non-obese self, care at this point? Highly unlikely. And yet here I am, because the second of a two-night stand in Madrid as part of the Noches Del Botánico summer series deserves some sort of summary account — at least what my addled brain and partially illegible notes can muster anyway.


I cannot say that myself and my compatriots accomplished as much from a tourist standpoint as we did on our first day in Madrid, owing at least in part to the vagaries of Spanish scheduling as well as the security cordons in place with U.S. president Joe Biden and other NATO leaders in town. But even though we arrived at the Real Jardín Botánico Alfonso XIII around the same time as the day before, the general vibe of entering the concert venue seemed a lot more relaxed overall.


From the outset of Wilco's, uh, set with the clamorous opening to Misunderstood, it was clear that there would be at least some nuggets for those of us who not only attended Night 1 in Madrid but also other shows on the Spanish run. I had predicted that maybe half the setlist would be different from the night before, and I think we may have even gotten a little more than that. Moreover, there were at least handful of songs — the aforementioned Misunderstood, as well as Random Name Generator and Dawned On Me — that I don't think had been played at all on the Spanish tour prior to that.


And I have to say that I don't think I've ever seen Pat play to the audience as much as I did that night, almost from the start of the show all the way through to the final chords of I'm A Wheel. Of course it helped that Pat had plenty of guitar leads, from the Cruel Country material to Box Full Of Letters to the concluding rockers. I can't really explain it, but there was just a heightened engagement with the crowd by not only by Pat, but also John. (Even when some gatecrashers aggressively barged to the front early in the encore — in fact, I'm pretty sure it was some of the same people who had surged forward the night before, including one brandishing a Whole Love soccer scarf — John seemed to be aware of it. You could see him trying to calm them down, telling them to, "Be cool, man.")


As for Jeff, he seemed more relaxed and in better spirits than on Night 1. Again, it's a bit difficult to convey to someone who wasn't there but Jeff just seemed to be enjoying himself as much as he had at any point on the Spanish run. "Thanks for having us in your country," he said near the end of the main set. "We're American misfits, looking for a place to play music and enjoy ourselves, enjoy community. We're looking for a place to live, if any apartments are available." Jeff joked that he and his bandmates could even all live in one apartment if necessary, likening it to a "total Monkees scenario." This all was before the set-closing duo of Heavy Metal Drummer (on which Jeff did sing the "she lifted up her shirt" verse, which resulted in a stick twirl by Glenn) and I'm The Man Who Loves You (on which Jeff stretched out the introductory feedback to the point that I thought Glenn might actually stand up on his drum stool, but alas, it didn't happen).


Aside from that visit to Banter Corner, Jeff also continued to have fun with Glenn around the playing of Box Full Of Letters. Prior to the song, Jeff sarcastically said, "You can start whenever you want, Glenn. They've been informed that this is from our first record." And then afterward, Jeff shared: "I still like playing that song. Why the hell not...Glenn?" Earlier, Jeff's other comments included his introduction to Everyone Hides being from Ode To Joy and how that record came out "before all the joy," a little joke about which he must have felt a bit sheepish or perhaps thought the Madrileño audience might not fully get because he followed it up with, "OK, good talk."


Jeff also thanked the crowd for singing along at one point, and dedicated You And I "to all of you," which he had done at several other shows on the Spanish run. Like Jesus, etc., You And I seemed to be especially popular with the Spanish audiences for some reason, and they embraced those mid-tempo tunes as much as any of the rockers with which the band typically closed most shows.


Speaking of rock songs (etc.), that's how this most recent tour of Spain wrapped up — with an appropriately sweaty encore that was different yet very much in the same vein as Night 1. Any combination of rockers, I suspect, would have left the audience eager to welcome the Wilcos back sooner than later. And for what it's worth, I would be more than happy to do it all again.


Once again yours in concert and banter reportage, Your Faithful Correspondent.


Here was the complete setlist, as played, for the final show of this Spanish run (there were no changes/omissions from the printed list):



Story To Tell

I Am Trying To Break Your Heart


Cruel Country


Poor Places


Bird Without A Tail/Base Of My Skull

Tired Of Taking It Out On You

Everyone Hides

Random Name Generator

Impossible Germany

All Across The World

You And I

A Lifetime To Find

Box Full Of Letters

Jesus, etc.

Country Song Upside Down

Dawned On Me

Heavy Metal Drummer>

I'm The Man Who Loves You


A Shot In The Arm

Falling Apart (Right Now)

Red-Eyed And Blue>

I Got You (At The End Of The Century)

I'm A Wheel

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Such is the power of social media - the immediacy of reporting the minute after the band leaves the stage, the instantaneous catalogue of set lists and then...  the five day wait to hear back from nos correspondante on how his travel home was screwed up by cancellations, delays, bad weather and bad service. #promisespromises 


Personally I can't wait. :yawn

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On 6/29/2022 at 6:30 AM, 50footqueenie said:

Such is the power of social media - the immediacy of reporting the minute after the band leaves the stage, the instantaneous catalogue of set lists and then...  the five day wait to hear back from nos correspondante on how his travel home was screwed up by cancellations, delays, bad weather and bad service. #promisespromises 


Personally I can't wait. :yawn


Better late than never! :ninja


On 6/30/2022 at 3:40 AM, CrisBcn said:

There were some nice surprises on that setlist like Misunderstood and Randon Name Generator! A great show to finish the Spanish tour. 

Hope you made it safe and sound back home! 


I did, thanks! And finally got this last recap written. Hope to see you again soon! :usa

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Good memory, and nice report! 🤘🏻😊The Spanish tour ended up with such good vibes from all...

Now, let's just wait for the next chance to see the band live again in this part of the world.

Enjoy the shows this summer, lucky US people! 🥰

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