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Glenn Kotche And Friends — 27 September 2023, Dallas, TX (Poor David's Pub)

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Just doing the requisite housekeeping on this one, since I wasn't there (but boy, how I would have loved to have been). On the off night before their scheduled gig in Dallas the following evening, apparently most of the band decided on a whim to play a set at a local bar's open mic night. According to a report on setlist.fm and confirmed by the good folks at Wilcoworld, Pat was not present.


Anyway, it's nice to know that Wilco can still do random stuff like this from time to time. Perhaps it was because it's release week for Cousin and all sorts of hijinks are on the table — although if it had anything to do with the album release, you figured they would have played at least one song from it.


As it was, if the setlist is accurate, it more closely resembled the twangy, intimate sets they have done at small venues like Carol's Pub in Chicago or the Ingólfsskáli Veitingahús (Viking) hall in Iceland over the past year. The one mystery from the setlist.fm report was that the band also played on an unknown song as the backing band for another performer, but whether or not we ever get any more details on that, here was the complete setlist for what Wilcoworld is calling a "Glenn Kotche and friends impromptu open mic set" (and a sincere hat tip to whoever made it down there to take it down):


Far, Far Away

Tonight I'll Be Staying Here With You [Bob Dylan]

Hate It Here

Too Far Apart

Passenger Side

It's Just That Simple

A Lifetime To Find

New Madrid

She's My Rock [Stoney Edwards]

Forget The Flowers

Give Back The Key To My Heart [Doug Sahm]

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