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  1. 2011 is the ten year anniversary of Wilco’s Yankee Hotel Foxtrot (Well, you know the story, Sept 2001 online release, April 2002 via CD), and we are looking to learn the album from start to finish (and maybe a few other Wilco Tunes) and play it live a few times next year around the Philly area, maybe traveling as far as NY, Washington, and Baltimore. We are looking for some additional members to round out an existing four piece band with several multi-instrumentalists. What we specifically need is: Keyboardist(s) who can run samples/noise. Several of us play keys and can cover straight f
  2. So at least we agree that YHF is right in the middle of the pack. I respect your opinion and will have to think it over.
  3. After hearing a few of the newer tunes, I
  4. Right, I just wanted to make sure that was still the consensus.
  5. Hey, I haven't been around for a while, any updates or changes?
  6. I listened to the whole thing through once now, and have two comments: 1. Several songs sound like mellow versions of A Ghost is Born, I hear Company in My Back, Muzzle Of Bees, and The Late Greats, but all mellower. 2. I have not been on this message board in so long that I don't recognise any of you people! I have to give it a few more listens, so far I like the end more then the beginnning, Walkin', and On and On and On are my two favorites so far, but that might just be because I already knew them. What Light is the only "new" one that grabbed me right away.
  7. I've seen the chords for it starting on D, capoed at the 3rd fret. I just can't work out some of the little lines Jeff plays in this key, anyone know if that's really right? Thanks
  8. That is great. I love the song index. A little glitch I found is that when you click on C, you get some of the B songs as well. Goes for all letters. Not a big deal, not trying to downplay the amasingness of the site, just a little tip. Thanks a lot.
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