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  1. Don Was hooked Mayer up with them. Going to Citifield tomorrow and looking forward to it. Usually do 1 show per tour and its still a good time. Also dig the big rock show with all the bells and whistles and Weir and Kreutzman are still in good shape. Agree that sometimes the tempos are a bit slow (lookin' at you bobby) and while Oteil is a great bass player, I do miss what Phil brings to the table. Speaking of Phil, I caught a killer P&F show a couple of months ago with Luther Dickinson and Benmont Tench, so Phil can still bring it as well, just depends on who is friends are.
  2. Caught the show in Brooklyn last night and they were great. Jay's got a Roy Orbison look going and the band is top notch, mark spencer, in particular, blew my mind (pedal steel, keys and telecaster). Big fan of the new one and disagree big time with busted as I think its spot on but to each our own. Jay's lyrics along with his sense of rhythm and melody speak to me big time and I would see them again tomorrow if it was possible. it was just that good.
  3. It was a great show. I really dug POTR and hope that they come back soon. Had tickets to the Crazy Horse Cap show that was cancelled a few years back so I was totally psyched that he sorta kinda re-scheduled. If you have access to dimeadozen there is an ok recording: http://www.dimeadozen.org/torrents-details.php?id=631538
  4. Caught Neil and POTR at the Cap last night. Great show, cost me about twice as much as I paid for 3 Wilco shows, but worth every penny. Neil is the man... Neil Young & POTR Capitol Theater Port Chester NY 9/27/18 Out On The Weekend World On A String Albuquerque Speakin' Out Field Of Opportunity I've Been Waiting For You Love To Burn Love And Only Love Heart Of Gold From Hank To Hendrix Turn Off The News Everything Is Bullshit Powderfinger Children Of Destiny Ohio Rockin' In The Free World Encore: Mansion On The Hill
  5. Caught the show last Sunday at Town Hall in NYC and it was stellar. Both Roger and Chris looked and sounded great and Marty's Fabulous Superlatives were all that. Great show
  6. Very surprised that this hasn't come up for discussion yet: Jeff Tweedy on Wait, Wait, Don't Tell Me https://www.npr.org/programs/wait-wait-dont-tell-me/637621951/wait-wait-for-aug-11-2018-with-not-my-job-guest-jeff-tweedy?showDate=2018-08-11 interesting interview to say the least....
  7. EMF


    Anyone heading to Ansonia, Ct next Saturday (7/28) for the free Rock the Summer show with Deep Banana Blackout. https://www.facebook.com/events/1984510628462618/
  8. Hello fellow VCers. If any of y'all find yourselves in the Stamford/Fairfield County Connecticut area this weekend, my band Fayer & Friends will be at Judy's Bar & Kitchen on High Ridge Road. here's a clip from our last gig: https://www.facebook.com/eric.fayer/videos/pcb.10214725281390405/10214725272630186/?type=3&theater info on the gig: https://www.facebook.com/events/1762586674044395/ Eric
  9. yeah my choices may have been a bit esoteric for the newish casual listener. it was my main era of seeing the boys (79-85) so i am biased in that way and I do feel that they did some of their finest playing therein although they were consistently great up until Brent passed Might suggest Go To Nassau as a better representation of the era for a casual listener. Both Europe 72 and Skull and Roses were major stepping stones for me and my buddies back in the day
  10. I am admittedly a "Brent" baby as I only saw one show with keith and donna so here goes from my perspective, certainly not an exhaustive list as it changes from day to day, but here's a good start ; 3-9-81 MSG ( my all time favorite chinacat>rider) 9-26-81 Buffalo (seemless second set with a nice morning dew) 4-19-84 Philly (all time big rr blues) 11-29-80 Alligater Alley, FL (big time shakedown st) 10-11-83 MSG (return of St. Stephen, solid rockin' second set)
  11. kind of like jerry garcia, which sio probably why they are two of my all time faves. there is just something comfortable and real about both of them
  12. EMF


    yes, Terry is the only old school member left but the new lineup is pretty damn good. guitar player, Scott Ligon is really impressive. last night's show was about 2.5 hours non-stop
  13. EMF


    Rediscovered these guys at the 2015 Solid Sound Festival and have had the pleasure of seeing them on numerous occasions since, including last night at Darryl's House in Pawling, NY. All I can say is these guys are on fire and the current lineup is certainly doing justice to the legacy. Have to be one of the best live bands out there right now. Catch 'em if you can. Last night's set list: BARGAINS BLUES, BLUES, BLUES PLUM NELLIE BOOZOO & LEONA YOU SEND ME NATURE'S GONNA PAY YOU BACK TERRY GOT A MUFFIN THAT'S NEAT, THAT'S NICE IT'S GONNA BE ALL RIGHT A GIRL LIKE THAT YES I HAVE A BANA
  14. great points fellas. I wholeheartedly concur. it was nice being back at MSG with the boys
  15. I do, its because they are using the mid 80's template when the GD were at the height of their popularity with regard to the structure of the shows. also, mayer is bringing in a lot of young fans who were never into the Dead before Caught the tour opener last sunday at MSG and really enjoyed it and I am a big skeptic when it comes to the post Jerry GD world. Got lucky with the set list and the tempos and thought Mayer (who I really wanted to dislike initially) did a real good job. guy can play that guitar and wasn't copying Jerry which I usually find to be a big turn off
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