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  1. hmm, now WHY on earth was ELT the top requested song that show drew??
  2. so glad you have pics!! i haven't been on VC in a while, but got to go up and sing CA stars with the band at Royal Oak. didn't bring my camera because of the terrifying "no cameras or your pictures will be destroyed" poster out front, and am so sad! i'll write more later, but this was probably my favorite wilco show i've been to (out of maybe 30) other than my first one. singing CA stars was awesome (i was the one with the "husky voice"...thanks jeff...) and playing jeff's guitar on Spiders was so cool. it's a night i'll never forget. so much love to everyone i saw at the show and the great ne
  3. anyone have extras to this? i'm going out to LA for college the day before, and will be craving some comfort. Just realized this is when i'm leaving, if anyone has extras, please e-mail me: zqxpr643@hotmail.com or pm me
  4. yea was gonna say "or the decemberists...". anyways, what's the actual book about? any good?
  5. i wish all those combos were legit fruits. i've been on a fruit binge...eating a lot of plums, apples, berries (rasp, blue, black, straw), pineapple. tried an apricot today...yummy numnums. i want a cran-raspberry hahaah. of a poma-blueberry. c'mon creepy scientists, make some interesting fusions! (i've had myself some nice grapples before...). don't even get me started on food in general though. mmmmhmm. (ps, onions rock the world)
  6. i was pleasantly surprised with how funny this was. i actually wasn't a huge shaun of the dead fan (i did laugh, but not the whole time...), but this was just so wacky and random i loved it. funny stuff.
  7. read Still Life With Woodpecker over the summer and loved loved loved his quirky style...these short stories and articles he's written for various things are hilarious and i think it's so cool to see the way he writes in so many different contexts.
  8. he actually gave out boxes of these at his show in chicago last night because he felt it was overpriced...sweet, i've always been too lazy to order it hahah
  9. just finished; reading for school:
  10. oh man, didn't piece it all together yet!! so morgan and i will see wendy, kevin, amy, allison (renic), aricandover, and alison (?) friday night?? oh yay!
  11. ahhh get your pics up, NOW!! seriously, i've been anticipating them...btw, thanks for your pm, i'll shoot one back in a few minutes!
  12. yet another thing forgotten...donna and her daughter alyssa made the cutest bracelets for us all to have, and made enough so that jeff and sue could also wear them!! they rule, i'm wearing mine right now!!!! thanks so much. here's the link to kristen (my sister) and my pics...not too many but some cute ones of after the show/people with jeff!! picssss
  13. also johnny and kyle, love your pics, thanks for posting them!! can't wait for everyone else to get theirs up to!! ken, i'll totally play with the wilco ensemble sometime if your for serious...lemme know when you guys do things, it isn't too long now until i leave chicago for cali (not til august)
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