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  1. Most of you don’t know me. I knew Dave a bit. Not nearly as well as some. He was a very early member of this board. He was special in many ways. I thought I would share something I posted about him somewhere else: I only met David Mirabella twice. Once at a mega Wilco concert met up In NYC. I spent a lot of the night sitting next to him and just chatting up. He was such an easy going dude. It was effortless to speak to him and truly a pleasure. The second time was when my wife and I road-tripped to Boston to see one of our mutually favorite bands Buffalo Tom. Spent a good chun
  2. Hi friends, Happy Anniversary to this wonderful place. I think I joined up pre-9/11 as well. I will tell you this message board got me through some insane times. Life in NYC post 9/11, unbelievable panic about an impending marriage and very quick divorce, a job or two I did not care for and - to be really honest - sobriety. I will forever be indebted to Jeff D. for giving me a safe space those many years ago. It really saved me when I needed saving. I really can’t put into words the gratitude I have. I got to talk music with some wonderful people. I got tu
  3. Friends have always told me Wilco (The Album) is he best place to start but i dunno.
  4. Ross Lynch and Spencer Tweedy are practically the same age. I've said too much....
  5. I saw the first one and thought it was great. Good harmless fun. Catchy song and dance and it didn't take itself too seriously. This weekend I caught a part of the Teen Beach 2 sequel from a summer or two ago - i was reminded that it just wasn't the same. They rehashed a few of the same songs and the newer songs - in a few cases - were just not as fresh. And don't even get me started on the plot. It made a Tarantino movie seem straightforward. Ah well.
  6. Excellent. Feedback appreciated. Tally ho!
  7. damn i always get the threads mixed up i meant it more as a hobby then a band name though
  8. Dude they played i'm a wheel. That is their best song bar none
  9. I like the new album, for the most part. i don't like people who shit their pants when someone expresses an opinion. I miss Jay. I love Greg.
  10. I will be listening to this on the way home, can't wait!
  11. I love this album start to finish. Down By the Water, which I like, is my least favorite song on the record. I get a definite Being There vibe on some songs, especially All Arise. I think this album is by far so much more accessible than the last couple, and its nice to take a break from the 12 minute songs.
  12. we liked the show, good to be back in ttown. john referenced Horsefeathers, they have some damn good burgers. horseradish cheddar burger is my fav
  13. and check this out, i just heard from a good friend of mine, Dave Mirabella -- we share a mutual love of all things Buffalo Tom. He actually has Bill Janovitz doing guest vocals on his band's upcoming album. Go Dave! Check out his band if you are interested: The Rationales
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