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  1. I have a single ticket I need to get rid of to the sold-out show in Athens, Ohio on Sunday, April 30. It's on the main level, row N, seat 31. I am looking for $29, which is what I paid for it. Anybody interested? PM or comment and I can get in touch with you. Thanks!
  2. I was at Friday’s show and last night’s and definitely thought I got my “money’s worth” and then some on Sunday. I would disagree that the second set felt tacked on because the auxiliary musicians continued to play with them. Even “Outtasite,” which was really powerful with the horns and strings. It worked really well. Hearing “Cars Can’t Escape” was incredible, as was “The Good Part” (though it took me a second to recognize it). And last night may have been the best version of “A Magazine Called Sunset” I have ever heard. As for YHF, I think I preferred Friday’s perfor
  3. Hi folks. Longtime member, but it's been a little while since I posted. Here was the setlist (and please correct anything you see amiss. I compared my memory to a pic of the setlist): 1. A Shot in the Arm 2. Random Name Generator 3. Via Chicago (Band left the stage due to rain. Came back 10-15 minutes later with equipment pushed farther back.) 4. Art of Almost 5. If I Ever Was a Child 6. Impossible Germany 7. Love Is Everywhere (Beware) 8. One Wing 9. Hummingbird 10. Everyone Hides 11. Box Full of Letters 12. Born Alone 13. Jesus, Etc. 14.
  4. “Reservations” and “Laminated Cat” were highlights for me, for very different reasons. The former’s arrangement was maybe the best I’d ever heard (this was show 18 for me) and the latter got noisier than I remember it getting in recent years. Jeff seemed to relish playing electric guitar after doing so many solo shows. Both shows were great, but I think night 2 has the edge. That may be because I finally got “Red-Eyed>Century,” which has eluded me for years.
  5. I haven’t posted here in a long, long time, even though my love of Wilco has endured. Last night was show 17 for me, and tonight will be 18. This write up is pretty much spot on. However, I wanted to point out that (I’m pretty sure the band tweaked its arrangement of “I’m the Man Who Loves You.” Pat’s on acoustic guitar now and it’s not nearly as piano heavy. IMO the change is for the better.
  6. Do you know if they plan to release Roadcases for the entire Tweedy tour? I was at the Milwaukee show and loved it, but I wasn't sure if they cherrypicked a couple shows and didn't plan to release the rest ...
  7. I'm surprised nobody has mentioned The Magnificent Defeat. I loved that record when it came out a couple of years ago, and I thought it was some of his best work in years. Just my opinion though. I'll be spinning that one today.
  8. I just got back from a music festival, where I really haven't heard much news or anything. I come home to this. Weird thing is, I just recently found out he lives in Urbana, where I am currently living. I had never seen him around or anything. RIP Jay, and my condolences to his loved ones.
  9. I don't know if this is the right thread to do this in, but I have noticed a few little glitches in a few of the DVD download tracks (not the DC show, but the one from the movie). A pop here, a skip there. Did anyone else hear those, or am I going a bit crazy?
  10. I made an impulse decision to go. At 10 a.m., I saw they were playing there, and got tickets (I am currently living in Urbana, so I was willing to make the drive). It was one of my better impulses. The show was far from the best I've seen them. It started off a bit on the slow side, but they eased in and got more energetic as the night went on. "Bob Dylan's 49th Beard" was awesome, and "Hoodoo Voodoo." Still, I have to ask, why are they touring right now? Money? Love of playing? They played no new material, with an album coming out in the next few months. It was a good show, but not their
  11. I actually saw him at the Urbana Champaign Independent Media Center the night before to review the show. I loved it, and it seems like it was similar to the show at The Vic the next night. Here is my review to the show: http://blogs.dailyillini.com/entertainment...te-enjoyability. It will summarize what I thought about it far better than anything I type here.
  12. Great show. Better than last time he was at Foellinger, but I'm not sure how I feel about one of the new songs. Not "Wilco the Song", but the other one...
  13. Yeah, it is belt driven, what does that mean for it?
  14. So I just bought a Crosley Keepsake turntable. It seems to be working fine, and I love the sound I'm getting out of it. However, when it spins, it kind of goes up and down. Everything seems to sound fine, but should it be doing that? I am just worried about wavering pitch, since it is able to transfer stuff to mp3. It is on a shock-kind of thing, so it is kind of suspended. Is the up and down thing on the platter natural, or should I exchange it?
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