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  1. Two things: 1)Any tips for a first timer? 2) Is premier camping essential? I was really looking forward to getting a pass and they sold out! Distressing. Has anyone done the regular camping? Thanks for the help!
  2. just decided i'm headed out on vacation to Portland/Seattle and would love to see the show in oregon. any one got 2 extras? i would be so happy! email me at allison.waller at gmail.com! thanks!
  3. ...that once i get to the last song is so great it forces me to begin it again. ...has the most soothing intro to an album ever.
  4. a cherry ghost. can't imagine the pain you and your family are feeling from this loss. i hope you know how much we love you here. stay strong. love from south carolina via virginia, Allison
  5. anyone know why this is no longer on oink? it makes me very sad
  6. acwall


    now now you wouldn't like someone busting out about your body shape in pictures. lest we forget he has been recovering from a running induced injury which probably has not allowed him to keep up with his regime.
  7. hey now! it isn't great but i think there is certainly worse places to go to school.... to answer your question, you should definitely eat the the greene leafe. it's right off of richmond road and across the street from campus. it's in the string of "delis" and is on the corner. they have great food and a good variety of beers and other drinks. hope you have a great time! p.s.- i heard a rumor that all people will be let onto the floor even with non-student tickets. something about there not being enough students buying tickets to make a difference or make it fair.
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