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  1. after really trying to use spotify for a few days, it's just not for me. the UI is god awful, trying to find an album (not single or playlist!) that i've added is beyond pointless. i don't want to create a playlist for every artist-album. rdio works so much better in that respect. if spotify had come to the US like a year or two ago, it'd be cool but after using rdio for so long, spotify isn't doing it for me. granted, if you're just using the free version of spotify it's worht it. but paying $9 a month is not. much rather give that $9 monthly fee to rdio.
  2. I find spotify to be awful for managing digital music. Rdio is so much better for managing your digital collection. It actually categorizes by artist and album. Spotify seems more focused on playlists, which I really don't use very often.
  3. yeah, on my EVO (just using 3g, not 4g), songs will start playing almost instantly with spotify. there's almost 5-10 seconds before rdio will start playing
  4. pretty similar to rdio (i bit the bullet & paid for the $9/month subscription to spotify). i really hate their 'library' structure though. it's not really focused on an artist's collection/full albums. it's more just what you star or add to a playlist. the thing it has over rdio (haven't tried mog) is how fast songs start, especially on mobile. crazy fast. quality seems decent too.
  5. i have no issues streaming through google music. rdio works pretty well too.
  6. This was using the amazon app on my android phone. My phone is the place I use services like rdio/google music the most.
  7. i quit using amazon cloud after a week. i use google music & rdio. love both. i had issues streaming with amazon
  8. jimmy cliff stuff always makes me happy. i'm going to buy that preservation hall cd next week. it's not on rdio (but the essential preservation hall is. that's good stuff too)
  9. not so much an entire album but this song always makes me smile:
  10. Definitely the last four mentioned. I love empire and world gone wrong. The latter is an amazing album.
  11. i've tried to listen to fleet floxes so many times. bores the hell out of me.
  12. i think i like it more than for emma.
  13. he is funny as hell. really glad i started listening to his podcast. i love when he throws in some 'road' stories from the good ol days. he is funny as hell. really glad i started listening to his podcast. i love when he throws in some 'road' stories from the good ol days.
  14. if you ever listen to the gorman podcast, he is not the biggest GD fan. kinda funny. weird because both jackie & joan have played with the dead at some point
  15. interested to hear this. i got into jackie via steve's podcast. not the biggest osborne fan though.
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