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  1. Monday night Jeff said that Andrew Bird has "free reign" to play whatever he wants on their songs and then called him a "free range bird."
  2. The Late Greats "The greatest singer in rock and roll Would have to be Romeo"
  3. Explosions in the Sky Old Springs Pike Office
  4. It looks like a Dano Deluxe, maybe? Hard to tell.
  5. Hey VC, Tonight at Bill's Blues Bar in Evanston, IL Old Town School of Folk Music Wilco Ensemble alums "Sleepy Kisser" will be playing a 2-set tribute of our favorite Windy City Rockers. Please come join us for some all-out sing alongs. You know the words. Here are the details: Sleepy Kisser July 26th at 7pm Bill's Blues in Evanston 1029 Davis Street www.billsbluesbar.com Rock on, SK
  6. I'm pretty sure that guitar is a Gibson small body. The thin waist and type of sunburst looks classic small body Gibson to me. I could be wrong, but Santa Cruz don't burst 'em like that one and the tuners look like white buttons (another Gibby characteristic). Plus, the pickguard extends up over the rosette unlike Santa Cruz' typical OM style pickguards. I'd say maybe a Gibson L-00 or Nick Lucas. I wanna say Jeff has been seen playing Gibson's new Legend Series 1937 L-00. But, I'm not sure and can't verify where I got that information. Pro musicians often times play a lot of one-off, custom ma
  7. The Martin 000-15S usually run for less than $1000 street price. They sound really good and have a warm tone because of the all-mahagony construction.
  8. I know I'm a little late to the lovest, but I just wanted to add a big thanks to Jeff and Sue for being such benevolent givers to a great cause - Letters to Santa. Thanks to Ken and his family as well for being the uber-host to this monumental event. It was truly an honor to get to share the stage with Jeff and to see all the great musicians of the Wilco Ensemble bring the rock like nobody's business. Some quick highlights for me (besides eating shrimp cocktail between songs) were Ken and his son playing Dash 7 with Jeff, Jeff talking about the music and the listener and the impact fans lik
  9. Here are pics of Jeff's axes taken at the Wilco Ensemble's 2/24/07 Living Room Show. Breedlove Custom, Jeff Beck Custom Tribute Esquire, Martin Pre-War 0-18 (used to record California Stars, among many others) Unfortunately, the Martin Pre-War 00-18 didn't get any play time this year:
  10. These are fun guitars and they pop up a lot on Fleebay. It looks like the one you bought is a Stella Harmony 943 model based on the sunburst finish. You've got the trapeze tailpiece and floating bridge too. Stella Harmony's were actually made in Chicago and are usually circa 1960's. Inside the soundhole should be a date stamped to determine what year your guitar was made. They were intended to be student guitars, very affordable, and now somewhat of a collector's item for baby boomers who either learned on one or are just nostaligic from the folk boom era. I happen to love these guitars. The
  11. You can find newer model J-45's for just under your price range at any of the stores already mentioned. I'd add Make N' Music to the list and Guitar Center (cringe) because they always have them in stock. I'd test drive a few before buying because J-45's can be hit or miss. Although, some of the reissues coming out of Bozeman (where they are made) have been pretty consistent in my opinion. If you're going vintage, Chicago Music Exchange on Lincoln just north of Belmont always have a few on hand (that's where I've bought mine actually). If you're at all interested, I'm thinking about selling
  12. I believe from the Burn to Shine 2 DVD in Chicago. Great performance ... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tpkTCKMAv6U
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