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  1. Yeah, I will have to get those. Last summer, I also found a Quartet Music's (Jeff Gauthier, Eric Von Essen, Nels, and Alex Cline)"Window on the Lake." Amazing record. I have to keep getting more of Nels' stuff even though I already have a ton.
  2. Yeah, these are all great shows especially the Marc Ribot and Nels Cline duo! I wish I could be there. Since marrying Yuka Honda, I think Nels has moved to New York. I don't remember if I heard him say it in an interview, but the constant shows he has been playing in New York and not in LA might prove my theory. Plus, my friend recently saw him at a Tune-Yards show in NYC. This gives me more reason to move to New York soon. I actually own the three 7" set on vinyl of the Nels Cline Trio's "Ground." I found it on amazon about a year and half ago for $10, and I bought it right away. My girlfri
  3. Yeah, I got a lot expect Big Star's 3rd. It was gone by the time I got there at 8:20am in a town (Appleton) of 70,000! I would understand if this was Chicago, but I was bit surprised it was gone. But I did get: Mississippi John Hurt- The Immortal Skip James- Today! John Fahey- Requia Jimi Hendrix- Fire (alternative version/Touch Me (Instrumental previously unreleased)seven inch The Beach Boys- Good Vibrations/Heroes and Villians mono 78 Deerhoof- Friend Opportunity Bob Dylan- Brandeis 1963 Live and they had some deals: George Harrison- All Things Must Passed (the new reissue analog rema
  4. I am thinking about buying a mini guitar amp as a practice amp. The ones I am looking at are Vox Mini 3, Pignose 7-100, and Orange Micro Crush Amp. I play with a Fender Jazzmaster with humbuckers and I have heard the Pignose 7-100 can cause problems for guitars with humbuckers and it can also have trouble with a clean tone sometimes. I was wondering if this was true? Also for any of these amps, would it be a problem (such as blowing the speaker out) if I put a lot of effect pedals through it such as delay pedal, fuzz, distortion, kaoss pad, reverb, whammy pedal? Phil
  5. Sonic Youth is reissuing Bad Moon Rising and Sister soon.
  6. WaronWar

    Wilco Vinyl

    Yeah, they do! And its free shipping at least a couple of times I have bought stuff. I always try to buy a Drag City record from their website.
  7. WaronWar

    Wilco Vinyl

    I am 21 and I buy records. When I was younger I didn't because my mom believed they were old fashion and they could break and scratch easily. Thus I bought lots of CDs. However, near the end of my sophomore year in college, I decided to start buying records because to me they do sound better after listening to records my friends had. Plus, I love the bigger art cover. The first thing I bought was Sonic Youth's "The Eternal" (which came out that day) and the Minutemen's "What Makes a Man Start Fires." I now have around 90 records. I am glad there has been a little resurgence in vinyl becau
  8. Hey Lou, I should be down. I don't work that night. I will pm you when the date gets closer. Phil
  9. Doesn't matter. They are both awesome.
  10. Yeah, I saw that. Maybe, he needs some money? It is a rough time right now especially if you are a musician. I just think its funny that they chose that song from an album cover like "Eureka" which would never be sold in Walmart stores. Great album though!
  11. I am going tomorrow. Should be a good time!
  12. Powderfinger! Count me in. I love that song.
  13. Sweet. Thanks for sharing! I can't wait to hear them.
  14. Yeah, I thought Nonesuch was a great fit for them. From an outsider's view, they seem like a good label. But for a band like Wilco, I can see them wanting to move away. I really think labels are only good for an upcoming band by getting them press and distribution. A band like Wilco does not need that from a label anymore since as we have discussed before Lou their stature has grown.
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