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  1. Now that everyone's home from Solid Sound, isn't it time we engage in some wild speculation about the new album? Thankfully there's a nice article that addresses the Solid Sound hangover, and has precisely 10 words of new information on the album: http://www.berkshireeagle.com/ci_15799841 Take it to the bank!
  2. Now writers can use the 'indie' shorthand to describe Wilco without the guilt of being factually incorrect. I wonder how much, if at all, this will change their creative process. My uninformed impression is that Nonesuch was very hands off and didn't pressure the band into anything creatively or schedule-wise. I suppose the only reason I have to think that is because I've never heard the band talk about the label in interviews ever.
  3. Your ears are, I presume, of acceptable quality for Wild Frank to have? Something to aspire to, I suppose.
  4. Leave Me Like You Found Me = Chopped Liver
  5. That's some straight-up journalism right there. Mike and Pat kicked out of Wilco CONFIRMED??
  6. This is old news it seems, but I just came across this now. Jim O has produced a Burt Bacharach tribute album with a whole bunch of big names involved. Sounds like he plays and sings a bunch on it, and Mr. Kotche is at the drums for this whole affair. http://www.twentyfourbit.com/post/395056335/jim-orourke-produces-burt-bacharach-tribute-album
  7. I don't know about selling out, but I think it'd be pretty cool for Wilco to be involved in something similar to this:
  8. Just what we need! A segment on the news about teachers indoctrinating America's youth to worship Wilco! Just kidding, that sounds cool. Good luck!
  9. Great find -- thanks for the heads up
  10. Happy birthday, Wilco! I hope your party includes cakes and camels.
  11. Nels is shown a few times during the video. Pat's sitting with his back to the camera in most of the shots he's in. I couldn't find John or Mikael in there though.
  12. FYI for all those curious, Insound emailed yesterday to say Being There has shipped!
  13. Top row: Glenn, Nels, Pat Bottom row: John, Jeff, Mike
  14. I'm all for speculating wildly on the internet. That's why I propose that the shake up Wilco really needs is a second, smaller Nels to play that little guitar on "Deeper Down," increasing the potential number of baroque, 64th note guitar lines. Weedily weedily weedily weedily waaaaaaaaaaaaa
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