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  1. Is there some way we can make sure this happens?
  2. From my experience, Bullseye is pretty much the best there is, though Rush Mor on Kinnickinnic was a favorite when I lived in the Bay View neighborhood. Also, Luv Unlimited is a shop down the block from Rush Mor that doesn't exclusively deal in tunes, but has some interesting vinyl nuggets from time to time. Acme Records is also in Bay View...haven't been there yet, and haven't heard anything about it, though bböp may have something to say about it.
  3. For all of us procrastinators/last-minute planners. Anyone offering a ride or looking for one, post here! I'm offering a ride originating from eastern Wisconsin, leaving June 24 and returning home June 30 or July 1. I'd be happy to pick someone up along the way, too. Details are flexible. Offer stands until June 13. If I'm going solo after that point, I'm buying a train ticket.
  4. Solid Sound neophyte here! Thinking about throwing my road bike in the back of the car for puttering around with. Good idea, or no? Are there hitching posts on the Mass MoCA grounds that anybody can recall?
  5. Echoing what everyone has said about it being a special show, I felt so moved that I was thisclose to tears on my car ride home afterward. SO. GOOD. I always wished after the residency that I'd made it to those shows, what with the Total Pros and all of the other magic that happened back then. I really felt like I got some of that on Monday. It was a beautiful end to a super-mega-amazing-awesome long weekend! Indeed, Cait, let's.
  6. First show in 5.5 years! (FINALLY!) Flipped my lid a bit when (my request) Cars Can't Escape started playing. Hadn't been keeping up with their setlists as of late, nor had I been aware of their little hootenanny encore. That was a real treat. : } I brought a friend along who, although we'd been nerding out on Wilco for a decade, had not yet seen the band play. I'm not sure he was super into it...he didn't know the older songs, and hadn't stuck around the Tweedy show in June to be familiar at all with New Madrid. (Looks like I have some work to do with this guy!)
  7. This girl hasn't seen Wilco in over two years! -_-;; Night one at the Ryman may be necessary, along with renting a car so I can drive there from OKC.
  8. Unfff, missing both Denton and Tulsa hurts. If Wilco shows up anywhere in Europe before July 30, I'm there (although north central Europe would make me the happiest).
  9. I would like to concur that the next album's level of suckiness will be very low. Although I am by no means emphatically in love with most of the songs on the last two albums, it just so happens that I am not in love with every song from the rest of their albums, either. From this (sort of) pattern, I've scientifically deduced that perhaps it isn't possible to love every song on a particular album, and that the dud-to-gem ratio will still be low.
  10. Stardeath and White Dwarfs Evangelicals Starlight Mints The Non Jacob Abello (started here, just moved to Austin ) Shitty/Awesome The Boom Bang Gentle Ghost Depth & Current Penny Hill Norman, OK is such an active music town. Much more interesting in that way than I'd anticipated when I got here.
  11. Mang, the rankings just came out and already every Sooner fan on the face of the earth is whining about not making it to a bowl game. Buncha wet blankets my friends are. That said... Boomer SOONER! Gah, I wish the game was in Norman on Saturday so I could walk two blocks to the stadium to witness a real live arse whoopin'. (if I'm allowed to be a little presumptive...)
  12. Boo...having to go to class sucks, 'cause now I have to skip the rest of the webcast. I guess I'll just have to catch the rest later...
  13. I want to sing along so bad...it sucks to be listening to this in a library!
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