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  1. https://m.youtube.com/watch?feature=youtu.be&v=XWmD2soQVOw good friends of mine..the named their band The Sky Blue Sky
  2. Damn Scalpers ... get a real job
  3. Jason Isbell - Midland Mi Dawes Columbus Ohio Bottle Rockets Ann Arbor Michael Robertson and the Broken Hearted Saviour's Midland Mi. Josh Ritter Grand Rapids MI. Derailers Austin Texas
  4. I know who twoshedsjackson insulted!..Me....Hi twosheds I am a conservative and your discription really doesn't apply to me and kind a reveals more about you than how much you think you know about Conservatives...but I digress, you like Wilco you are cool with me. Trump is an thin skinned opportunist and I will sit this one out if he is the nominee...he is by nature repugnant and offensive even if he stumbles on something occasionally that might have merit.
  5. Great show...was nice having to only drive an hour and a half. My daughter and I got to see our fourth show together, it's a very cool thing to share Wilco with your kid. I have seen Wilco probably ten times and never at a venue with out alcohol... I think it added to a more subdued and respectful audience though for whatever reason I always end up with talkers behind me. They didn't affect the Wilco portion but ruined the opener for us. A great show!
  6. You should be proud of the theater....a second show in itself
  7. I enjoyed the show thoroughly with my daughter. What an awesome venue. We were in the first balcony and it felt a little detached but on the positive the seats were great. My only complaint was the people who talked constantly during the show especially during the opener. I value my concert experience and people who don't respect the people around them and especially the artists just rock me off. If they would have been talking about the music I would have accepted it but it was a get to know each other date....next time go to Applebees. Can't wait for the Ryman shows.
  8. Umm all Wilco songs are potential piss breaks songs.... nothing about the songs themselves but my aging prostate... wearing depends at a show might be the answer since I dont want to miss anything... and sorry I love Impossible Germany... its a soaring beautiful anthem
  9. Yup the Allman Brothers at the Fillmore East is still the go to live album... even though Duane went back and overdubbed a few parts
  10. I met all of em except Jeff in Nashville last year ....they were all so humble and cool ...the 2 things I remember that stood out were Nels Talking about playing Duane Allmans Guitar and saying how he had tears in his eyes playing it.... and talking with Glenn I commented that I saw Autumn Defense the night before in this little bar in Nashville and I said how cool it was to have seen him sit in with Pat and John .. all Glenn just said how nervous he was .. which as talented as he is just dumbfounded me
  11. Its not cuz of the vid .....I am not sure lighten up a bit translates into Arabic or Farsi.....you piss a Baptist off and not much happens.. you piss an Islamist off and they burn down a KFC
  12. Agreed Crow .. both times I have heard it live were highlights for me
  13. Monkees Headquarters was my first and I bought it at a WT Grant store too! Was about 10
  14. 1972 ...... Chuck Berry and Muddy Waters at my local Fairgrounds
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