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  1. It takes a few minutes to get the email. Of course I'm stuck at work and I can't download it to my iPhone and it's killing me
  2. This venue is sweet. Great sight lines, great acoustics, and a ton of space. Very easy to get in so don't worry about that. There's a couple of big fields they'll direct you in for parking if I remember correctly. I think residents set up parking for a few bucks too. Dinosaur BBQ before the show will make you happy. Last time I went to a show there it went past 10:30pm so I don't the curfew is a huge deal. Jelous of all you that are going. I'll be at Lollapalooza so I guess I'll be fine.
  3. * Uncle Tupelo - No Depression 12" LP * Uncle Tupelo - March 16-20, 1992 12" LP * Uncle Tupelo - Still Feel Gone 12" LP * Uncle Tupelo - The Seven Inch Single Box *The Black Angels - “Lonely” B/W “Watch Out Boy” Orange 7" *Godspeed You! Black Emperor - Lift Your Skinny Fists Like Antennas to Heaven *Big Star - #1 Record *Arcade Fire - Funeral My record store opened up their back room with a lot of cool used vinyl so I grabbed Pink Floyd - The Wall and The Who - Who's Next which are both in great condition.
  4. The Black Keys tonight in Toronto.
  5. Warren Zevon - Keep Me In Your Heart It cuts me deep.
  6. I Am Trying To Break Your Heart.
  7. 1. Art of Almost - 10/10 2. I Might - 9/10 3. Sunloathe - 7/10 4. Dawned on Me - 8/10 5. Black Moon - 8/10 6. Born Alone - 8/10 7. Open Mind - 6/10 8. Capitol City - 2/10 9. Standing O - 7/10 10. Red Rising Lung - 8/10 11. Whole Love - 9/10 12. One Sunday Morning - 10/10
  8. I don't like this song. At all. I might go as far as it's one of my least favorite in their entire catalog. But, then again I like Standing O a lot, so what do I know.
  9. It's good. Nothing special though.
  10. I'm a big fan. Love it live, studio version is solid as well.
  11. I love it. Better than AGIB, don't think it's better than YHF. But it's early.
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