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  1. i couldnt get through two songs.. i just dont think it sounds very good. the few new Clues songs that have leaked from alden's side of things are pretty awesome on the other hand. it seems pretty obvious to me now who the brains behind the unicorns was.
  2. my roomate's name is jack. he just records through a mixer into his mac in our tiny apartment, yet his music sounds professionally done. he plays all the instruments despite having never taken a music lesson in his life. hes slowly starting to gain a following here in Blacksburg, VA but ive always liked to believe that more recognition is due his way. its well worth your time, this is assure you.. http://www.myspace.com/jackandthewhale http://www.myspace.com/jackandthewhale http://www.myspace.com/jackandthewhale http://www.myspace.com/jackandthewhale
  3. the more like the moon ep has always been one of my favorite wilco releases.. im not sure why i always get such a kick out of it, it just seems so beautiful, simple and to the point (the fact that its an ep probably has something to do with that). i just really like how it has a little bit of everything: a rockin outtake of 'kamera', an early version of 'handshake drugs' (hinting at the drection they were heading in), a yhf cast away ('magazine'), the woody guthrie-esk 'bob dylan's beard', and the poetically wonderful 'woodgrain' and 'more like the moon. its obviously where i got my name from.
  4. im up for a pm, if anyone is feeling so kind
  5. that album was played constantly by my friends at school and really grew on me. its pretty great. also if you want to hear a pretty "different" side of midlake i suggest one of their earlier albums Bamnan and Silvercork... its has some great stuff on it as well.
  6. on ryan adams dot com i couldnt find anything that said these shows were acoustic.. am i missing this somewhere or did pitchfork say that or something? thanks for any help
  7. one true vine is out there for people to find.. just search the hype machine and youll get it http://hypem.com/
  8. at first i thought you were just calling someone a dbag.. haha, i didnt understand why people were attacking each other in this thread.
  9. i would but it seems like the news people are literally looking for any and all quotes from students and somehow turning them into credible/first hand statements and id rather not get caught up in that. like i said, things will turn up soon enough. but keep thinking about those effected..
  10. hey i go to virginia tech and was in a building right next to the one where majority of the shooting occurred this morning.. i appreciate everyones concerns and thoughts. things are real scary sometimes and then on top of it all the news feeds us misinformation and speculation about what happened. wait a few days for acurate facts to come out and keep praying (if you are someone who believes in religion at times like these)... take care
  11. you mind posting "youre really gone" and/or "a long time ago"? that would be grrrrreat
  12. hmm.. thats very interesting. i think maybe my initial feeling about the 'collection of singles' is because i (like mostly everyone else) heard each new live song one at a time and because of that got familiar with them individually... rather than not hearing them live and being able to take them in on my first listen as just an album
  13. I'm trying to figure out if this is just me or not... but sometimes when i listen to SBS all the way through, I feel like its not really an album but rather just a collection of singles. I don't have any problems with the album as a whole, in fact i really do love it. Just on some listen throughs I feel like the album is disjointed and does not flow as well as their other albums.
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