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  1. Hey nice job A-Man with all the links and such. On another note just received my copy of the 2-14-68 (Road Trips). Friggin sweeeeeeet! This is yet another example of Primal Dead, you can just hear the acid dripping through this one. Also got the Hartford 77 set, thats also pretty great. I would highly reccomend both
  2. Sure......I hear you it just seems too mainstream I guess. I'm not saying they loose street cred 'cause they aren't saying fuck you to the man or anything like that but, I dunno.....for me it just doesn't jibe. Yeah times change for sure, it's just tough seein Bob and Phil koffe klatching with Whoopi and Joy Behar....I never tripped that bad to see something like that
  3. Hmmmm.....Bobby and Phil on The View a few weeks ago....Tipper sitting in on Drums....Tour "Books" after each show......$100 + ticket prices......What's going on? Used to be Kind Veggie Burritos and "doses!..Doses! What is this the 401K tour? I know I know they gotta make a living but this just seems so un-dead like Call me jaded and cynical and who am I to judge but count me out. Jerry is rolling in his grave (or at least his ashes are swirling in the Ganges). The Dead have gone middle of the road. Christ... I gotta bust out some Pigpen now. Sorry for the rant, if you go and have a blas
  4. No particular order: A Prayer For Owen Meany-John Irving The 13th Valley-John DelVecchio Catcher In The Rye- J D Salinger The Stand (un-abridged) Stephen King Going After Cacciato-Tim O'brien
  5. That was the one that did it for me. I had a friend back in Jr. High (no pun intended) whose older brother turned us on to the Dead with that tune. This would have been back in 1976. We had the day off from school 'cause of a blizzard and we were hangin' out in my friends cellar planning on building a snow fort and his brother walks in and says we gotta listen to this. He put on Live Dead and proceeded to get us stoned (it was like my third time ever). When Darkstar came on I was completely mezmerized. That slow, snaky intro....and on and on and on it went. The snow fort never got built that
  6. Damn....wish I had Sirius, 24 hours of Darkstars.....That's like dying and going to heaven.......
  7. Hey Scott, wishing you a very happy Birthday brother. Hope it's filled with some great tunes and some cold brews!
  8. Here lately I'd have to say "Gentlemen Start Your Engines" Grateful Dead
  9. When I saw the Moo-Cow I immediately thought of the chick in The Grateful Dead Movie they show doing her "Whooo-Whooo" noises. Watching the various people they filmed during that run never fails to crack me up. Wish I couldda been there in those days......
  10. True story. I thought they played great and sounded great that day. The only shitty thing was that quite a few folks weren't in their seats and those that were were trying to talk over them. I heard many, many folks saying stuff like "who the hell are these guys", etc, etc. In all they played around 10 tunes and as I stated before they sounded great. Pretty good PA system there at Phillips arena. Sadly most of the folks were there only to see the Stones and seemed to not give a damn. Personally I thought I'd died and gone to heaven, Wilco and The Stones on the same bill, pretty friggin' great!
  11. Right on A-Man, you hit the nail on the head, but I daresay Jerry's last wife probably won't have too much to say if there is a good payday to be had.
  12. One damn fine run of shows......The Star is indeed sweet, but man oh man do I love those 1969 versions....Primal Dead!
  13. one of my all time favorite Weirisms was from 10-30-71, that ones famous for the dude screaming "Truckin'" at every opportunity Bobby: Hey you folks under the lip of the balc, bal, bbbal- Jerry: " B B B b Balcony!" Bobby: Might want to watch out cause in a minute they're gonna dump a whole load of live chickens on ya That always cracks me up
  14. Hey thanks guys!!!!!!!!!!! Dig the Pics!!!!!!!!
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