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  1. OMG... I agree with this review totally thats how it was for me listening to this record
  2. The Wilco Book gives great insight about the writing and recording of this album. Its certainly Tweedys most original work. For me the delivery of the words is staggering, it
  3. oh no I wont take it personally and thank you for being kind about that. I certainly have alot to learn when it comes to politics and have a completly openmind. infact you are right it wasnt Bloomberg it was Gravel who said that about Chomsky and Nader my sincerest appologies. That sorta changes allot, but my initial point was Noam Chomsky is in no position to go to the level of filling in the blanks about 911, My favorite part of his argument is that they do worse things in the open so who cares, which is sadly very ture.
  4. For me its perfect, it acctualy lives up to what most of the YHF hype suggested that album was.
  5. have any of you seen the recent videos of the troops in Iraq completly humilitaing people, the infamous puppy toss and the open firing on civilians on the highways. Disgusting stuff, I wish Obama would talk about this. Plain and simple the troops are loosing there minds. bring them home
  6. Dear. Mr. mathew: "Allot" does not mean what you think it means. what do you mean, and Im being egnuine well I do know that Bloomberg said what I claimed he said and I am very enveuous of you expirences with Chompsky I wish I could say I had the same expiriences, I suppose Bloomberg could have said what he said to make himself look good and might have never even consulted chompsky
  7. what sources? it was on cnn that Bloomberg said that, Im not saying he is corrupt Im just pointing out that he has political intrest not to waste his time talking about 911 conspiracies , " He's talking about pulling the fire department's efforts out of building 7" that makes allot of sense and shows how these videos take things completly out of context.
  8. no need to go one memory heres a video of the collapse which includes the owner of the building saying the explanation was that he order it to be pulled. and yes there were fires from debris but the building collapsed in seconds, not because of fires.
  9. "This just about sums it up for me, from the mouth of Noam Chomsky, a person who could be, in many quarters is considered the US
  10. I think it is completely fair to judge Hillary on her husband
  11. I bought there first ep its really good even though I wanted to hate it. There from my genral area and there young so I wanted to hate them. There defiently better than Vampire Weekend and way more authentic.
  12. start with Dirty or Rather Ripped there last record Dyadream Nation is the masterpiece though
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