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  1. I wonder how much songs we will get from Tweedy.
  2. Wheel Of Fortune Puzzle for the lineup to be official announced April 6. I think many can be figured out now. http://2010.lollapalooza.com/ Looks to be a good lineup from what I can see now. Green Day, Arcade Fire, Social Distortion, Grizzly Bear, Wolfmother, Soundgarden, Phoenix, Strokes, Hot Chip, Chromeo, Spoon
  3. I think everyone agreed that without a bailout there will be significant damage. The complete collapse is in our future. Therefore RIP America is the title.
  4. To me, bailout = Complete collapse no bailout = Some collapse The fact is there needs to be huge correction in our economy and govt is not letting it happen, because no one wants to tell America the truth.
  5. I think people get too carried away with Dems vs. GOPs It's a pissing contest and its getting in the way of real progress. There is so much that needs to change but a main thing is that we shouldn't borrow or print anymore money. No more bailouts. Companies that lose money need to fail. We also need drastic cuts in govt spending. All of which regardless of party, our govt is not capable of doing.
  6. What??? All I am saying is that if you borrow money to pay for all your mistakes, then of course it's going to fix things temporarily. Not trying to put blame on anything or say one party is better than the other. My point is nothing is really fixed. We just borrowed our way out of things for a bit. The underlying problem is still there and getting worse.
  7. Obama is saying the fact that we dumped 700+ billion into our economy, our economy is not dying anymore. Duh! It we could just all borrow money and not have to work for it, then why would anyone have jobs? Of course if you borrow or print money when you need it, it's gonna help. What happens when that runs out?
  8. HMO Act of 1973. Your reasons are mostly caused by the govt. Just because Americans get sick more doesnt skyrocket the medical prices though.
  9. I agree with JohnO on the fact that the government has a horrible track record on running programs. Why should we trust them with healthcare? The reason healthcare is so expensive is because of them in the first place.
  10. Be content with taxes is putting way to much trust in our government. How can you trust the system that just gave billions to banks who lost billions and now paying CEO billions in bonuses? Your tax money paying for fat cats, its not helping like you think it is.
  11. The statement is true and I agree with it but it is quickly changing. All our hope and dreams of America is now being exposed to the world as unsustainable.
  12. It was so satisfying to see that interception. hahaha Farve, you lose.
  13. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xfq_A8nXMsQ
  14. Northern Exposure Six Feet Under Sopranos Rescue Me Seinfeld Futurama Taxi King of Queens Three's Company (IT Crowd)
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