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  1. It’s as much for the collector in me as anything else! I have all their stuff on vinyl and cd as a rule so I’d hate to break the streak on one of their best albums. The scale of this one certainly put a serious and unexpected strain on the credit card this month though. I have my fingers crossed we’ll see SBS get the deluxe treatment next year. It’s still my favourite album all these years later.
  2. Have my Silver Vinyl Super Deluxe and my 8 CD versions already ordered form the EU store! I was at the stage of thinking that this wasn't going to happen. A bit surprised at how complete this collection is on the audio side of things. Thought they would have included the I am trying to Break Your Heart movie as well as part of it though?
  3. New copy arrived in perfect condition. Thanks Frocksteady for sorting it out!
  4. I think the phrase that stuck with me from the Uproxx piece was "gallows humour." It's about as concise and exact as you could describe Schmilco. Overall, I found the article to be quite an enjoyable read. You can really get the vibe that he's a true fan with the same contrarian attitudes to certain records that the rest of us often have here!
  5. @Ikapon: I spotted that too in the review. I'd agree that the guitar work is very like 13 in places. Much more textural in style. Nels seems to blend really well with Mikael and they work together in a different and interesting way than previous albums. Listened to it another two times this evening and it just pulls me in more and more each time. It's quickly becoming my fav album since SBS.
  6. Good to hear kjelli. I'd say it must have been just bad luck. Previous parcels have been really well packaged.
  7. UPDATE: Had an email this morning and the lovely folks at Frocksteady are sending me a new copy of the damaged vinyl. Very helpful and efficient.
  8. The more I listen to Common Sense the more I love it. It's the stand out track for me so far.
  9. Just received my parcel from Frocksteady (the EU Wilco store). It came with one side fully open and the other side having its corners bashed in and ripped up. Bought cd, vinyl, t-shirt and book. Amazingly everything except the vinyl survived intact. The vinyl is damaged on all four corners and isn't really in a acceptable state. It was definitely a combination of very poor parcelling by Frocksteady and poor handling along the way. I bought the entire Wilco back catalogue from them over the summer and they were excellent - quick, efficient and really well parcelled. I've emailed them aski
  10. As much as I love Wilco I couldn't bring myself to pick up the turntable they were offering - I just found it a bit too garish for something I'm going to have in my living room for years to come. I was passing my local audio store today and managed to get the same turntable, the Pro-Ject Debut Carbon, in black. Looking forward to getting it all set up today to have it ready for the Frocksteady delivery of Schmilco next week!
  11. Great review Lost Highway. I think Common Sense is my favourite track so far. It's such a cleverly arranged piece of music.
  12. GRRR! Just got an email saying they're posting it now. Means I prob won't have it til mid next week at the earliest. I have the MOFI pressing of Ryan Adam's Love is Hell arriving on Tuesday and the new pressing of the Twin Peaks OST on Friday so although it'll be packed at least next week will be filled with some great music!
  13. I know it's only the 8th but has anyone received their Frocksteady EU shipment yet? Went for the big bundle with book, tee, cd and vinyl. Can't wait to get my hands on it!
  14. I'm looking forward to the 9th arriving as I feel I don't want to spoil anything for other forumites by breaking down the songs. I'm going to try and keep any comments reasonably generalised until then but I have to admit 3 listens in I have a lot I'd like to talk about!
  15. Got a MP3 copy through Frocksteady. Even the MP3s running through my AKG headphones sounded pretty great. Looking forward to getting the CD and vinyl and getting a clearer picture of it. That said, initial listens are positive. It definitely feels part of the Sukierae/Star Wars sessions. Although I've enjoyed them all I'll be looking forward to a different recording process for the next album. I like that Schmilco is more of a deeper/grower sort of an album and a nice counterpoint to the immediacy of Star Wars.
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