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  1. I think the neck was about $170 from warmoth plus $10 for the Danish oil I finished it with. Check and see what warmoth has in stock.
  2. Yeah, that's my guitar. I've actually changed the body since then to a lighter (and better sounding) MIM Tele body. Changed the pickups too. Pretty much all that's left is the Bridge and the neck. Here's a really awful picture of it in its current state. (The guitar is Midnight Blue, not Black as it looks...) It has a MIM standard Neck pickup, and a 60's Classic bridge pickup. The GFS Lipstick bridge pickup was REALLY tinny sounding, especially through Fenders. However, the actual modding of the Tele to make it a 12-string didn't take much at all. It's just a Warmoth neck (which b
  3. I'd love to see either The Minus 5 / Young Fresh Fellows. Hell, most anything with Scott McCaughney would be cool. Also think a band like The Bad Plus would do really well there.
  4. Great show. Not as good as the pavillion last year though, I think. I was on the lawn, on nels side. And the people who worked their were assholes. They wouldn't let us stand on the lawn. So we were forced to sit until kidsmoke, where we just rushed and made it to about the third row.
  5. Side with the Seeds should definitly be one of the songs. For the second song I'm not sure. It'd be nice if they went into the back catalog a little bit for it, maybe pulling out "I Am Trying To Break Your Heart"
  6. Well why bother wasting the postage and the CD's when it can be done online for free, and immedately.
  7. any chance you could upload it to a site, and I'll upload one I have? I have a bunch of Radiohead, Ben Folds, Living End, Hold Steady, Ted Leo, Death Cab For Cutie, Weezer. . .
  8. I tried Bit Tornado and a bunch of others in the past. couldn't somebody just help me out on this one?
  9. For some reason at my house, whenever I've tried to use bit torrent, it always just froze up and didn't download.
  10. I'm a mac user, and I use iTunes, so my options are a lot more limited. And as I said before, I can't dl torrents.
  11. Could anybody upload the boot of the show to a site like yousendit? I can't download torrents, and I also can't play FLAC files... thanks a lot.
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