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  1. Ian.....howzit goin'?? Hope business is well.


  2. We have MLS,now!!



  3. Costco!!! micros in bulk!!!!

  4. Hey Neil,

    I appreciate your presence here......


  5. All these people telling you to scew off.....I feel sorry fer them!


  6. If I wuz as far north as you....i'd have nosebleeds all the time1!!! :)


  7. Hey....

    I hope everything is cool with you man........miss your posting here....


  8. Hey Dan.....I hope the backwoods in the upstate are full of copy for you write about...YOU know wot I'm tawkin' about.....

  9. Hey Scott!!

    Good days are ahead, my friend!!!

    Time for a...(rustle,rustle) a beer from Rogue Brewing!

  10. Hey Mende...

    "Sky Blue Sky" sounds like Gordon Lightfoot tryin' to make a "rock" record!


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