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  1. Elza Soares - A Mulher do Fim do Mundo
  2. Big Thief - Masterpiece Young Guv - Guv 1
  3. The Rosalie record, after only one listen, was pretty good. Don't think it's gonna make any all-time lists, but it was an enjoyable listen. And I have only JUST heard that Chameleons record for the first time. Sorry that it took me so long, but glad that I finally got around to it.
  4. Rosalie Cunningham - Rosalie Cunningham Passo Torto - Passo Torto
  5. Juçara Marçal - Sambas do Absurdo
  6. Olden Yolk - Living Theatre
  7. Crystal Jacqueline - Rainflower Tengger - Spiritual 2
  8. Sacred Paws - Run Around the Sun
  9. The top 7: Purple Mountains - Purple Mountains Weyes Blood - Titanic Rising Lizzo – Cuz I Love You Masaki Batoh - Nowhere Fumaça Preta - Pepas Deerhunter - Why Hasn't Everything Already Disappeared? Pip Blom - Boat Others I like: Night Beats - Myth of a Man* Lucille Furs - Another Land* Boogarins - Sombrou Dúvida* Kit Sebastian - Mantra Moderne* Doug Tuttle - Dream Road* The Gotobeds - Debt Begins at 30*JuJu - Maps and Territory* Rose City Band - Rose City Band* Olden Yolk - Living Theatre* Galileo 7 – There is Only Now* The Honey Pot -Bewildered Jane* Fruit Tones – Natural Selection*
  10. The Darts - I Like You, But Not Like That
  11. Negro Léo - Action Lekking Brazilian indie rock. Definitely indie rock, but with the types of quirks that are particularly Brazilian. My kind of thing. Disc 3/4
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