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  1. Melody's Echo Chamber - Bon Voyage
  2. Crystal Jacqueline - Await the Queen
  3. The Darts - I Like You But Not Like That
  4. Kinda what I thought I'd been hearing. Thanks!
  5. How do you like this one? I'm kinda on the fence as to whether or not to pick it up. I guess that's why God (or whoever it was) invented music streaming, but I haven't listened yet. Still... thoughts?
  6. Olden Yolk - Living Theatre
  7. Circuit des Yeux - Reaching for Indigo Juçara Marçal - Sambas do Absurdo
  8. It was my first listen but, I gotta say, I think it's gonna be a keeper. Reminds me of Grant's contributions to Hüsker Dü.
  9. I should go back and listen to it again. I mean, I really like the band, but I was not as into that album as I was some of their earlier stuff.
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