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  1. It was a fantastic evening, so thrilled to hear the new material. Haven't felt so spiritually aligned in quite sometime.
  2. Hello! I have one extra for the show In Cary, NC! Willing to sell it for 50, or best offer. It is in section 1. row h seat 6! Email me at bjberkow@gmail.com or text me at 336.430.7567. Thanks so much!
  3. I love The Hold Steady, I've seen them live twice, each time has been a great experience. The new album is wonderful.
  4. I wish my girlfriend was that cool.
  5. Which private trackers might those be?
  6. Hey everyone, If I had the money I would've brought the vinyl KT album as I love it so very much, it was also my first Wilco purchase. I was wondering if someone could help me out by PM-ing me the bonus tracks, if not I understand.
  7. I also hear that the camel will be featured again, this time he will be trading versus with Jeff on Wilco's first stab at R&B
  8. I've seen them 5 times and I have yet to hear that as well! My fav. Wilco song Via Chicago was finally played thou, for a while now it thought it was some sick song that Jeff Tweedy was playing on me! But what an amazing show, I was the 1st row to the left of Nels whose playing blew me away, it's one thing seeing Nels performing 100 ft away but to watch him only a few inches away is something I will always cheerish in my memory. I also pissed Jeff off by accident, I was pretending to clear my throat for Jesus, he took it has I'm not singing along, with I think he knew as he saw me singing alon
  9. Amazing show, here is the setlist wilco the song bull black nova you are my face i'm trying to break your heart at least that's what you said deeper down handshake drugs side with the seeds one wing (not listed on the set) she's a jar i'll fight Impossible germany summerteeth california stars poor places (acoustic) spiders forget the flowers when the roses bloom again war on war when you wake up feeling old laminated cat passenger side (back to normal) airline to heaven a shot in the arm hate it here heavy metal drummer you never know jesus etc walken i'm the man who loves you
  10. Wilco (The Album)! I defend SBS alot because I think it is a great album to me the standouts on that album are Impossible Germany, Walken, What Light, On and On and On, but I do find myself skipping a few tracks here and there. On this one it flows very well together, I don't find a need to skip any tracks, it just feels like a complete, solid album. The easy standout and my new live favorite is Bull Black Nova, others include Deeper Down, Country Disappeared, Solitaire, and Wilco (The Song). I would place this 4th best overall thou - 1. Summerteeth 2. Yankee Hotel Foxtrot 3. Being There 4. Wi
  11. Hey Everyone! I'm A DJ on WQFS (90.9fm) which is based in Greensboro, NC. In honor of Wilco (The Album) I will be playing tons of tracks from the new album as well as many others from there career (Heavy Metal Drummer, Magazine Called Sunset, Box Full Of Letters) to name a few. Please post requests or tune in from 2-4pm today, if you are not in the Greensboro area I'm afraid you won't get to hear it but I'll post a playlist on my website - www.bensjukeboxwqfs.com Thanks!
  12. On A Saturday Night As Well, What A Loser! Oh wait, dammit
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