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  1. been a while since i posted here, but just want to say i'm looking out for LOOSE FUR at "L". i remember there was some interview with glenn kotche a few years ago that said they were trying to make it happen for solid sound fest 2013.
  2. oh i mean as long as they serve beer thats cool it just seemed like no alcohol allowed
  3. the ommegang show says "No alcohol, tailgating, coolers or outside food" but its on a fucking brewery
  4. yo what's going on between july 21 and july 27! i'm thinking about planning a trip up to cooperstown or RI but if theyre gonna play a show closer to nyc i'd rather do that!
  5. it also debuted on wxpn, and another place in PA! come on internet!!!
  6. sorry but i don't live in a world where roger waters is a barometer for what's fair, and it all honesty it was probably bowerypresents that named the price and age limit but doesn't someone of jeff's stature have the power to name the conditions of such a short tour?
  7. i'm 19 now, i've seen wilco the band 6 times i think and jeff solo twice. bowery ballroom is almost always 18+. seems to me like there was a decision made to make it 21+ although i don't know the process. also i dont think i've ever paid more than 40-45 dollars to see wilco, let alone at a small venue like bowery, it's just confusing to me that a jeff solo show would cost 45+ fees. i always thought of wilco as a band that went out of their way to be super respectful to their fans (see solid sound festival) and to not be wasteful and greedy and stuff, and i know i'm asking a lot, i know i've seen wilco twice this year and jeff once this year already and i'm being spoiled, but the show details are disheartening to say the least. i honestly thought that i wouldn't have to worry about age limits anymore once i turned 18 and got a fake ID but i would kind of feel like an idiot paying 50-something dollars to show up at the door of bowery ballroom and get turned around w/o a refund. this whole thing just seems like a reactionary move - you know maybe jeff and wilco are like gonna start touring less and will need to charge more per show in order to support themselves, or maybe there's something extravagant planned for these solo shows that's worth 45 dollars, but i personally think it violates a compact that's been building between wilco and its fans and that's also been self-advertised by wilco (see ashes of american flags dvd). anyway. maybe jeff will open for yo la tengo the night before cause i have tickets for that, but regardless it will be bittersweet because i think for the first time in my life jeff has let me down and my unequivocal love for wilco has always been based on the fact that they haven't ever and won't ever let me down okay thanks for reading
  8. wait... why are tickets 45 dollars and the show is 21+? did i miss something about like becoming an asshole to fans or something?
  9. who was "paul" that jeff knew was in the crowd and why did he move on to the national
  10. does this mean no additions at all
  11. i've been to 7 wilco shows, and yes, i consider myself a "huge wilco superfan" or whatever, but my favorite part about wilco shows is that superfandom takes a backseat to the music. i've seen radiohead twice, but i have to admit, besides the music ruling forever, it's a pretty uncomfortable crowd. everyones trying to prove themselves as a bigger radiohead fan, it seems. same goes for animal collective (seen 4 times). but even reading this forum it seems like wilco superfans are in general more modest than your average superfan and maybe that's partially because there are a lot of you who aren't from like, new york city or whatever, or maybe you guys in general spend less time anonymously commenting on blogs. particularly when i saw wilco in new jersey this past april, the crowd was very boomer-heavy and everyone seemed to just be there to enjoy the music and that's it. it was awesome. my favorite wilco experience ever. maybe that's because i go to a lot of shows in nyc and it can be a kind of oppressive place to see shows, but still. i can only hope that we can keep it this cool for 3 days. it's a long 3 days, hopefully they stack the lineup a bit more, and hopefully they make it a lil more appealing to kids like me, but i'm very excited for this. i just saw the poster and it looks cool and fun and i'm bringing my family
  12. mountain man, WHATS REALLY GOOD
  13. best coast! i know that wilco loves bobb bruno, the guitarist
  14. it would be cool if they went way out of their comfort zone and avoided folksy bands that could be considered contemporaries like a day of ambient and noise and then wilco's set yo la tengo
  15. WHO ELSE IS PLAYING???? any guesses/educated guesses/certainties???
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