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  1. Does anyone know if there's an opener tonight at Stubb's, and what time Wilco might go on?
  2. i'm having the same problem with austin... looks like new orleans, too.
  3. gross, me either! but i'm with you on the vip pass... only way to go. well anyone else who might know about wilco at coachella this year, but can skip the anal talk, i'd appreciate your insight!
  4. i've seen wilco mentioned as a possible for coachella this year... anyone have the scoop?
  5. does anyone know anything about wilco playing a show in LA at the covention center on 1/29? it's with josh groban and chili peppers... i'm guessing it's some sort of pre-grammy's thing? anyone have any intel?
  6. i saw 'funny people' a few months ago at an advanced screening, and i highly recommend it. it's not only one of sandler's best "serious" roles, but a great collaborative effort by the entire cast... oh, and WILCO! the band is featured in an ongoing story line, and jesus, etc. get some airtime on screen. loved it. i practically yelled right out in the theater when seth rogan started talking about a wilco show at the greek in LA. SEE IT... 7/31/09!
  7. any update on what time tonight?
  8. yes, just a slideshow... but i finally got audio!
  9. wait, i can't figure out how to get the stream on wilcoworld... there is no link to click?
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