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  1. last time they played at the tower (2 years ago)it wasnt like that. the venue can charge more for those primo seats than for standing room.
  2. i just got 2 for the electric factory too. as much as i love the tower, i prefer seeing wilco with GA standing.
  3. For the philly show at the electric factory, it says that the regular sale starts on saturday, while all others are on friday. any insights?
  4. agreed. frontgate kept on signing me out for my own security. so considerate of them... now i dont have my philly tix. gaaa.
  5. the tickets say it starts at 8, so im assuming the opener (John Doe) will start not then or soon after, and thats less than 4 Hours from now!!!@ :rock :rock :rock
  6. i remember jeff asking the crowd if they saw it on tv (they said no). i dont think it ever actually aired.
  7. i loved when jeff said that being interviewed by kermit the frog at the grammys was the highlight of his life.
  8. tried a bunch of things. nothing works. all were correct size/format. any advice?
  9. hey peoples. i live in center city, and have space enough space to have a bunch of people over before the show. my friends and i are gonna be chilling all day in anticipation. possibly playing music and stuff like that. plus, im right near the busses/trains that go to the show. let me know if anybody is interested. and did i mention that i have a kegerator with three kegs? free beer.
  10. WOW!!! now i am really really really excited for the DC shows. wilco. 9:30 club. WITH HORNS!!!!! btw, you guys (total pros) rock
  11. i gotta go peoples. i promised myself i would study while listening, but ive only studied the music/this geek out. too distracting, so i need to choose one, and as awesome as you guys are, i gotta pick wilco. i will check back in later. thanks for the fun!
  12. POT KETTLE BLACK!!!! now this is prob one of my top 3 wilco songs ever!!
  13. this makes me so excited to see them in three days that im about to poop myself.
  14. you made me freak out. i thought i was missing the video feed. ha
  15. i am totally gonna fail out of medschool listening to this tonight. how am i supposed to study knowing that i can be doing this?!
  16. anybody out there going to the philly show on saturday?
  17. howdy people! i am so psyched for this. this is my first "geek out" i just found this site a few days ago, and i am totally addicted. you all are awesome
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