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  1. Awesome show, great tune selection, but..................Jeff was right.........The Talkers were totally out of control!!!!!
  2. I really gave this album a good deal of attention when it first came out. I pretty much tried to force myself to like it. I gave it at least 15 listens straight through. The problem is no songs really grab me or make any sort of emotional connection with me. When I like a song I can listen to the same song like 20 times in a row. W(TA) has no songs that I want to hit repeat and listen to again.
  3. Yeah the "snorted my father" lyric is a little goofy, but IMO the gospel piano chord progression and the Richards-esque harmonies make the song.
  4. IMO the verse melody in One Wing is very annoying.
  5. That setlist is pretty sweet. It has many new tunes on it, but as I've stated above I really like American Central Dust. I'm psyched to see them in philly in September.
  6. Has anyone heard a release date for the new Band of Horses album? It seemed like a new release was imminent....
  7. Wow I checked out the tunes on myspace. I am shocked at how good it is. These guys are worth a listen.
  8. I started this topic and I have to say that is an excellent point.
  9. I'm bored with life....that's why I'm on this board.
  10. You are right. I've become so accustomed to saying and feeling that Wilco is my favorite band. I've gotta let it go. Being There, Summerteeth, YHF and a Ghost is born are some of my favorite albums of all time and leave it at that.
  11. It had been hard for me to come to terms with the fact that Wilco is simply a band on the creattive decline. Sky Blue Sky and (The Album) are indicative of the creative demise that we've all witnessed in many other bands in the past. ie. The Replacements, The Grateful Dead, the Stones, and My Morning Jacket just to name a few. While they still play great live, I find myself less pysched to see them live since the setlists are dominated by the newest lame material. Is anybody else depressed by Wilco(The Decline) ? Is a bounce back possible? I am doubtful unless Tweedy starts smoki
  12. I've listened extensively to both Wilco (The Album) and Son Volt's new one American Central Dust. Both have their share of Klunkers, but American Central Dust has a bunch of solid tunes. (The Album) has some good moments too, but has fallen way to the bottom of my CD stack. Farrar's new effort remains in the player. Obviously I vote for American Central Dust. What about you?
  13. Country Disappeared in Starbucks Saturday......(The Album) is in heavy rotation there. Even stranger was I walked in to Barnes and Noble yesterday and the new Son Volt album was playing.
  14. Right now I'm really diggin the 1 2 punch of "Pushed too Far" and "Exiles". I have to say though...the song "Sultana" really gets on my nerves.
  15. I've listened to it a few times and I think it is a solid record. Well produced and the songs are good. I liked it so much I bought tickets for the Son Volt show coming up in Philly.
  16. It's not all Nels fault that the last 2 albums are pretty lame, but they are the only 2 studio Wilco Albums that he is on.
  17. "Remember the Mountain Bed" is the #1 song that Tweedy has ever been a part of even though he did not write the lyrics.
  18. I hope he goes. They need a shake up. Let's keep it real. The last 2 albums are just not that good.
  19. I'm going to have to get Love is Hell. What about the tune "Let Us Down Easy" ...........Does anybody else like this tune. Reminds me of like a early 70's Stones tune.
  20. Anybody come across an audio recording of this show yet?
  21. I agree that some of the songs on Cardinology are week, but I really like like some of them. Back to my original point though is the best songs on these last 2 Ryan Adam's albums are better than the best songs on Tweedy's last 2 albums. The litmus test for me is which one's sound better when I've put my mind in chill and listen to tunes mode if you know what I'm saying. The RA albums are better in that frame of mind. I know this is a little off topic here, but it is becoming more evident with each of Wilco's releases since Jay Bennett was booted that the band was better with him in it.
  22. Oh come on (The Album) is not as good as Cardinology.
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