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  1. Hey, Analogman, just noticed it, that's a nice blog/FAQ.
  2. I was thinking the same thing (but I'm at least on the east coast). What a weird early-morning combo, but that might be worth it. (Manny doubles home two in the 10th!)
  3. Sounds smart to me. I'm happy for you to run with it, but if I can help, let me know. (And thanks! I know it does take a while to do one of these.)
  4. I think the 3rd paragraph about better available source is the key. A better source *could* become available if the sbd comes out, like the 2/16 matrix, but we certainly couldn't *expect* it to become available. And so, far as I can tell, a torrent of the stream would be legal for DIME on that count. The other question would be whether torrenting it would discourage Roadcase updates in any way. Would the band feel differently about a stream vs a ripped and shared stream, etc. I dunno. That said, I just finished capturing the Roadcast 20th stream with Audacity and breaking/exporting this in
  5. Yup, that's the recording I fetched from that night, and John Dewey did a great job. It's really something how good the audience recordings can sound as opposed to an average aud from 10-15 yrs ago (chatty neighbors notwithstanding), and how the taping community can cover just about an entire tour as standard procedure these days. Listeners have never been luckier. Regarding the OP, I figured a lot of people will gravitate to a sbd or matrix to check out first, if there's a choice (including me). Nice headphones! I'm using a pair of Sennheisers (http://www.sennheiserusa.com/newsite/produc
  6. Well, the matrix from the 2nd night of the Residence, mentioned here earlier in the week, is as good or better than the WXRT broadcast from the 19th. Both of those were seeded on Dime by nice folks, and I'm hanging on to hope (but not holding my breath!) that a 1st-night matrix might surface at some point, too. As for aud's, I don't really have a lot of context to compare, but I have enjoyed the Des Moines recording by Ralph Bryant.
  7. Offhand, Neko Case opening for Wilco would be pretty sweet.
  8. Oooh. True Love Will Find You In The Pants. Or for side projects, the suddenly malicious ... Please Pants My Brother.
  9. I could spend three dollars and sixty-three cents On Diet Coca-Cola and unlit pants. I'm just sayin'. TH3
  10. Apologies if these have been done already ... company in my pants i'm always in pants laminated pants barnyard pants and my current favorite ... hoodoo pants.
  11. It also looks like someone needs to tell the newspaper how to spell his last name. RE your question, I'd say stir-AHT, like "hot" but without the h. But that's just my guess.
  12. I haven't watched the movie in a few years, but I pull out the bonus disc every few months. Enjoy the music while I'm working, glance up and watch now and then. You gotta be in the right mood to deal with the drama of the time, Jeff throwing up, etc. in the movie, but the bonus disc is all goodness.
  13. It was. The texting one works better. Gotta remember to set the DVR ...
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