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  1. last year I went as Kramer from Seinfeld it was a lot of fun, i recommend it
  2. Cellphone Failures In Horror Movies
  3. i just bought American Water by Silver Jews, and in the song "Send In The Clouds" the phrase "Soi disantra" is said a number of times. anyone know if it means anything?
  4. Changing of the Guard - Zykos and Will Sheff (Okkervil River) this was zykos' closer at the showbox in seattle last year
  5. dude, same here. not that it put me off the song, our town's traffic station does that too. "Every 10 minutes on the 1" or something
  6. Flash - Queen Just A Friend - Biz Markie Does Your Mother Know? - ABBA Gypsies, Tramps & Thieves - Cher Single Ladies - Beyonce just to name a few
  7. Mr. Moonlight for me is just another lounge song (i do like the organ part though) and the only reason act naturally is on the list is because ringo butchers it (dammit ringo) these songs aren't particularly bad covers by any means, just not good.
  8. Well, seeing as Rockband and all the remasters are on their way in a few days, EW took it upon themselves to countdown the "top 50" Beatles songs of all time and the "worst 5". here's part of the article And here are their selections 50 "All You Need Is Love" 49 "I'm So Tired" 48 "Here Comes The Sun" 47 "Helter Skelter" 46 "Ticket To Ride" 45 "Lovely Rita" 44 "Come Together" 43 "I Want To Hold Your Hand" 42 "I'm Down" 41 "Day Tripper" 40 "With a Little Help From My Friends" 39 "Taxman" 38 "You Won't See Me" 37 "She Said She Said" 36 "Dear Prudence" 35 "Nowhere Man" 34 "I've Got a Feeling"
  9. if you guys are going to argue about who owned the 1970's, it wasn't any aforementioned bands. now i love the stones, zeppelin and Big Star, but check Neil Young "body of work" for the 70's Déjà Vu (1970) with Crosby, Stills & Nash After The Gold Rush (1970) Four Way Street (1971) with Crosby, Stills & Nash Harvest (1972) Time Fades Away (1973) On The Beach (1974) Tonight’s The Night (1975) Zuma (1975) with Crazy Horse American Stars And Bars (1977) Comes A Time (1978) Rust Never Sleeps (1979) with Crazy Horse sorry, but no competition there
  10. wow, what a show. Costello played Blame It On Cain, Everyday I Write The Book, Mystery Dance, Alison, Red Shoes, Happy by the Rolling Stones, Tonight The Bottle Let Me Down by Merle Haggard, Mystery Train by Elvis Presley, Friend Of The Devil by the Grateful Dead, What's So Funny 'Bout Peace Love & Understanding by Nick Lowe and so much more. I got some videos here if anyone's interested
  11. I`m going to see Elvis Costello tomorrow in concert, anyone know what to expect in the way of set list
  12. original sound and excellent debut album, can`t wait to see what comes next
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