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  1. Kinda cool... Never heard of Luna before, but I guess it was a Dean Wareham project?
  2. A few years ago, the Oklahoma General Assembly voted to make The Flaming Lips' "Do You Realize?" the official state rock song. I think it's about time Illinois did the same with Wilco. After weeding through a lot of songs that were just too depressing (yet amazing), I realized that "What Light" has a pretty nice message that most everyone can get behind. That's why I made this petition. Once it gets enough signatures, I'll go ahead and pass it on to a few General Assembly members I know personally and see if any of them are willing to take on this fun cause. What do you say? Sign it and
  3. I'm curious how many people they're going to try to fit on the field... Also, while it isn't quite the same, what about Lollapalooza 2008? They were a headliner that day...
  4. So excited for the Geneva show. How often do you get the chance to see your favorite active band during your birthday weekend?
  5. Someone asked how he got Sue to marry him. His answer? "I got her pregnant..." He did some rambling about going to the Grammys and Whitney Houston's dooty bubbles... You know... Typical Tweedy stuff. I've seen Wilco/Jeff somewhere between 15-20 times and still haven't heard "She's A Jar" live.
  6. Fantastic show. Pretty heavy on Wilco stuff, but a lot of great surprises in there.
  7. ELS


    Went to the Vic at 10:00 to pick up a pair. (I live right by it) The guy at the box office told me it was sold out. I was still in the neighborhood when my friend texted to say more tickets were available. After telling me they were sold out, the guy checked the computer again and was only able to pull up a Friday. :\
  8. Closest thing to a perfect set they could've done for me. Thanks to Wilco, all of the openers, Ryan Adams, The Joy Formidable, and Morrissey for an amazing eight consecutive nights of rock n roll!
  9. If anyone heard a loud "Oh shit!" when they started "Magazine Called Sunset", it was me...
  10. Luckily the show in I waited for had a pretty normal crowd. They're an odd bunch...
  11. I was talking to some friends at the Riv the other night and they said it seemed dumb to wait several hours just to be a few feet closer to the stage. I think it can add to the experience (building anticipation), but they saw it as nothing more than a waste of an afternoon.
  12. I was on the floor by a bunch of middle-aged guys who were pretty unfamiliar with Wilco's post-Summerteeth output. One of them decided that every song they didn't recognize was from the new album. This included (but is not limited to) "Reservations", "Less Than You Think" and "Just A Kid"
  13. Do you do it? Do you understand people who do it? I noticed the people lined up in front of the Riv early yesterday afternoon and figured it had to be a few folks from here. I've only done it for a few shows (one of the final Ryan Adams and the Cardinals shows, Morrissey, etc.) and have been debating whether or not to do it this week.
  14. I live fairly close to The Vic and Metro, so I'm thinking about swinging by around soundcheck. Here's a really dorky story... I learned how to play guitar when I was thirteen and starting writing my own songs when I was fourteen. (I'm 22 now) My favorite bands at the time (and still to this day) were R.E.M. and Wilco. The one musical goal my 14-year-old self had was to have my songs heard by someone from those bands. I didn't want anything out of it. I mean, it would be nice if they thought, "This isn't the absolute worst thing I've heard"... Anyway, last spring I was able to give Mi
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