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  1. My ticket connection fell through but I’m already here in Austin if anyone is looking to get rid of two floor tickets for tonight. Thanks! Matt
  2. Interested. Can you text me? 978-201-1908. Thanks!
  3. Two tickets for tonight Orchestra 6 Row KK Seats 607-608. Face value of course. Message if interested, can be transferred via Ticketmaster. - Matt
  4. Not sure if it's helpful, but I have one 3-day adult pass. Let me know!
  5. Hi! Are you still looking for a ticket? I have one extra 3-day pass. Face value of course. Let me know!
  6. Hey Chris, I have one 3-day ticket to sell if you’re interested. Let me know!
  7. I am happy to take these tickets, replied to your cL post as well!
  8. Looking to surprise my wife with tickets to Asheville show for night out without our newborn, Mavis. Have a babysitter, just need two tix. Let me know if you have any? Will be traveling from Boston for ATL/NC. As we're coming so far, looking for anything decently close. Hate being so picky!!
  9. Have two tickets for tonight bought when they opened some up on TM this week. They are Orchestra Section 3 Row Z Seats 16 and 18. The section is listed as ADAORC because I believe they were seats reserved for handicapped guests that were no longer needed. Can be transferred via Ticketmaster, paid $165 for the pair with fees and all that. You can see the seats on the King's Theatre site here, look pretty good! http://www.kingstheatre.com/docs/default-source/default-document-library/kings_seating-map.pdf?sfvrsn=0 Text if interested, would rather someone here get to go: nine seven eight, two
  10. @scheruvu, I'd love to buy these tickets from you. Please let me know if you're still looking to sell them and I can transfer you the money via Paypal or Venmo this evening. Spent the weekend in Boston and got the bug to go next weekend too!
  11. @jjm33 looking for one would you split them up?
  12. Wow! Have to say that in all of the Tweedy/Wilco shows we've seen, tonight would really stack up. Flew in from Boston yesterday for the shows, and while last night was great, tonight was really incredible. I think from start to finish it was one of the best shows I've seen. Jeff seemed in a great mood and the setlist was incredible as you've seen above. Highlights for me were You Are Not Alone (something about the way he sings that song gets me every time), Bull Black Nova, and At Least That's What You Said 'cause it was so cool to see what Jeff could do with these songs solo. Also, I was real
  13. Would love to see them go to a real fan, can meet outside the show. Face value obviously. PM me if interested. Flying in from Boston for the show, so excited!!
  14. It seems like this is a long shot, but if anyone has two extra SB tickets together please let me know! Should probably mention that I am flying in from Boston for this and any help would be very appreciated Thanks!
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