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  1. Thanks for the "ear candy". Hopefully that new album comes to fruition.
  2. Yeah, Venus De Milo was my favorite of the night. It sounded awesome.
  3. No problem! Just a little more for ya-the set was 90 minutes, 11 songs including encore, and every song you would want them to play, they played. They played this song Persia I had never heard-must've been the longest song of the night by 10 minutes-pretty much a 20 minute jam with a middle-eastern flavor (best I can do to describe it). I read they have never recorded it, which is a shame.
  4. Just a heads up-if they are in your area, see them. They were tight and I think most purists would be pleasantly surprised at the guitar interplay. As I am on the younger side of their fan base (34), I cannot speak to the original lineup's live sound, but if you have written them off, I say give them another chance. Hopefully they will get in a few more US dates this year.
  5. From the new album (since that is all I have been listening to lately) Art of Almost: the way Jeff sings "hurt" Rising Red Lung: the way he says "pop" Capitol City: "breathe in that country air!" - can't help but sing it at the top of my lungs
  6. 1. Ashes of American Flags 2. Side with the Seeds 3. Bull Black Nova
  7. and i just noticed it has already been discovered http://forums.viachicago.org/index.php?showtopic=39951 edited and locked by gogo, just to keep things tidy
  8. try the download from the website...nice.
  9. O I deserve compensation for strumming so many strings and I'm gonna sue
  10. I am trying to breach your contract
  11. Lowell!!!! right down the street baby! yes!! beautiful park too-it is where the red sox single a farm team plays...I am pumped!
  12. i have no issues w/ radiohead fans as I am one. I would not date a U2 fan-period.
  13. augie

    Wilco tattoo

    WILL COMPLY right across your forehead
  14. See you all there -I will be in Row N with my lovely wife!
  15. augie

    Wilco DVD

    thanks, I was wondering what they would be-good choices in my humble opinion....
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