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  1. He was referring to a lady who was jumping all over people and being annoying. Apparently she settled down after security had a word and then she left after one more song.
  2. We did the Wilco weekend and had an awesome time: got to say hi to Pat Sansone in Wellington and to Mavis in Auckland; met Eckythump in the front row at the Wellington show; and witnessed Wilco and Mavis give a tremendous rendition of The Weight in Auckland. We had wondered if the Auckland show could possibly be better than the Wellington show and that closing number provided the answer. This show was the first we have watched from upstairs. It gives a great view of Glenn and how hard he works on that drum kit. I thought Via Chicago was a highlight of the show. Fingers crossed for a Wilco
  3. We were right behind your left shoulder and sat next to Courtney at the Auckland show. What a great time we had at both Wilco shows in Melbourne. Both nights we met excellent people. No recordings of the Melbourne shows on Dimeadozen yet, there are some of the Sydney shows.
  4. I am slightly kicking myself for booking the 2 shows in Melbourne and not going to the Sydney shows, given one was the evening with Wilco show. Especially now I've seen the setlist... Just means I'll have to go to more Wilco shows. Anyone been to The Forum in Melbourne? It looks to be a great place. The Thursday show is the last of this part of the tour, so hopefully we'll get something extra special. Kicking Television would be great.
  5. Spenser

    NZ Dates

    This page says 11.30am - 10 minutes to go. http://premier.ticketek.co.nz/shows/show.aspx?sh=WILCO2010&searchId=4ce96959-f18b-4bef-aadc-623966f3672a
  6. Spenser

    NZ Dates

    They are on sale!! I got 6 rows back right in the middle. I am PUMPED!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. Spenser

    NZ Dates

    Don't panic, look here: http://www.the-edge.co.nz/Event-Pages/U-W/Wilco.aspx I am pleased I have tickets secured for the Melbourne shows.
  8. Spenser

    NZ Dates

    I emailed The Edge (for the Auckland show). The reply I got said the promoter had made some changes and that caused the delay.
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