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  1. Sounds like a great gig! I enjoyed MMJs 2 night stand at Iroquois last year very much!
  2. Sound was really awesome on the Hootenanny set. If you haven't heard the all acoustic SS 15 set you should definitely check it out. I think it's in the Roadcase. Shit get night 2 as well while your at it!
  3. What an evening! Weather, vibes, incredible sound! Locator was my highlight. Oh ya and Twin Peaks rocks! Oh ya and Twin Peaks rocks!
  4. I was on the guitar wizard's side. We had a great vibe over there! I'm not a fan of the cookie cutter setlist either however I managed to pretty much avoid looking at any recent set lists so I could be somewhat surprised with the songs. I thought the real treat was the long hootenanny set. New Madrid wasn't played right? am I trippin? I thought they played We've Been Had there...anyways the encore just felt like it kept coming. I thought it was over a couple of times then Matrix would walk up with another Gibson or Martin! Also another highlight for me was the fact I hadn't seen any of St
  5. Euclid records in St. Louis had a handful in stock along with a lot of tour march. Maybe check their location on the Dirty Coast...
  6. this sounds like its played on open tuned guitar in G. I have been playing around with it on acoustic in standard tuning though just strumming power chords. Its pretty much G (strum bottom strings then top string to create that 1 2 effect) Also you can slide up on the bass E string From F >G 1>3 to create that slide effect that is created when playing in open tuning. then it goes to C Then its D C Bb with open A string on end back to G just a start but fun to play with and hope it starts to flush the rest of the song out!
  7. Verse G C Am (Am7) Em (Em w/ open D string so just one finger down on A string) C Am (Am7) Bridge G Em?(not sure bout this one) C maybe a quit Am7 on end too The chorus more ending I'm positive on but sounds like "I don't know won't you come and show me..." G C or Am Fun song that works well on acoustic once you get the kind of choppy strumming pattern down! please submit any recommendations or suggestions I feel like some chords are off or could be improved too!
  8. Welcome Giovanni! This forum is fantastic. I have met some really incredible people in the past few months from just speaking up and introducing myself... so get chatting! much to talk about as of late! Glad you got to hear the new album last night.
  9. I wondering if this was one they couldn't get figured out in time. In the XRT interview before the show he discussed how they had played every Tweedy song on the road except one (which I believe to be "I'll Sing It") he said "we couldn't ever really quite get it figured out." So maybe a similar situation?
  10. im having the same problem with rewind is there a solution other than the dime a dozen DL I don't have a login with them what was he using? Please say Darth Maul's dual light saber!?!? or was that just used for Secret of the Sea?
  11. Jason Isbell with Wilco! I was unaware Isbell was at 80/35 this may have pushed me to make the drive and tell work some bullshit.
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