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  1. Just noticed a boot of the Cove show on Owl and Bear. Great memories... http://wilcoarchive.com/Wilco%202010-07-30%20Ademotte%20Source/
  2. Great show, but had hoped to hear a few more tunes. I got greedy after seeing recent 36-39 song set lists. I really enjoyed the atmosphere (my first outdoor Wilco show) and chatting up the locals. I brought my 10 & 13 year olds, and was it was great to see so many other kids there. We're raising our children right.
  3. Starting to give up hope of getting a recording of the Wharton show. Bummer. Jeff's stage banter was first rate.
  4. I was told that Wilco had a "light show", and my my only thought was that they certainly don't need one. I saw the East Lansing show last night, and I was knocked out by the backdrop and lighting. It was more of an art installation than a light show. It really enhanced the performance. Awesome.
  5. >>>What did they eat? Wilco enjoyed salad, teriyaki chicken, grilled ahi tuna, roasted veggies and a wild mushroom dish. I enjoyed easing backstage during soundcheck.
  6. I worked backstage catering before the show, and swore I saw "Treasure" written at the top of Jeff's set list. Lost a buck to my buddy when they opened with BBNova. Great show, my favorite was "At Least That's What She Said", like always.
  7. Nice pics, BCart. Thanks for the Picasa link.
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