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  1. Heh, I remember complaining when they first put restrictions on the number of monthly downloads. (used to be totally unlimited once upon a time, albeit with a somewhat limited selection that encouraged you get really adventurous about trying music you've never ever remotely heard of, but hey, why not, its unlimited for like under $10/mo!) What's interesting about this announcement is that Epitaph and Rykodisc definitely used to be available there, then disappeared and are now evidently back. Must have been some contract disputes. Warner and Atlantic, though, is fairly shocking. Big Name
  2. I'll jump on this bandwagon. Kelly did a great job at Cinci, but that program's turnaround had been a few years in the making already. Mark Dantonio before him got the ball moving in the right direction and he is still struggling to change the culture with Sparty since he made his "big move". Kelly built on that momentum and took Cinci to yet another level, but who is to say he will do anything more for the Irish than give a new name to blame? Or not. He might do better, simply for the fact that he isn't the polarizing figure that Weis was. And give him credit for knowing when his hour
  3. I'm a few days late on answering this, but I just meant that I don't really see either team as being very "elite" this year. This would make an intriguing second-tier bowl (yes, I know GT won their conference), but it just doesn't strike me as an impressive BCS matchup. GT's offense is interesting to watch. Would be nice if they played more defense. Iowa? Having watched the OSU/Iowa de-facto B10 championship game in person--even though it turned out pretty exciting in the end, I couldn't help but think to myself through it all that neither of these teams really belongs in the BCS this ye
  4. I think AGIB has aged better than any other Wilco-related release of the decade.(including YHF, which I still love, though kind of get tired of) YHF, AGIB, and the first Loose Fur record mark a pretty awesome stretch in the Wilco canon. The stuff since then, not so much. I've never been able to decide if I love or hate the production on AGIB. It is a 'different' sounding record, to be sure. But, really, I think most of what sometimes drives me nuts is the low-volume mastering, which makes for awkward ipod shuffling. Oh well. But as for the sound of the record I actually like it a lot b
  5. I agree that TCU/Boise is problematic in the sense that there is no goliath to be slain--so either team could win and people will just shrug and say "Meh. Sure they won, but what if they played ________." On the other hand, it looks to be by far the most intriguing matchup of the non-championship BCS bowls: OSU/Oregon Here's hoping Santa brings OSU an offense for Xmas. The Buckeyes have leaned on their D all season (all decade, for that matter), but for some reason my gut tells me that this one could be a shootout. Which doesn't bode well for OSU. If Tressel shows up in a track suit in
  6. I agree that Rod will get another 1-2 years, minimum, to turn this around. (barring major NCAA sanctions, of course) But you're right, they're already a couple years into the process of building a team to fit his style--I'm not sure how quickly they could flip the switch back to old-style Michigan. Go with what you got. There's no reason to believe he won't be successful, eventually. And when they are back to being good again, I almost certainly will be kicking myself for being this charitable about it now.
  7. Your freshman messiah obviously had some bad throws in there, but I think he looks good for the future. I'll enjoy Michigan being down while I can because I don't think it will last too much longer. Your assessment seems about correct--mid level bowl next year and beyond that, who knows? If the rest of the league remains fairly stagnant, it won't be hard to make a quick rise in the standings. Pryor is definitely a big dude. He's too good of an athlete not to eventually go pro in some capacity, but I agree I don't know what that will be yet. He still has 2 years of college to see if he c
  8. I may have read too much into it, but at the time I really saw it as the GOPs Clinton-obsession getting the better of them. Palin was such an off the wall choice--it was hard not to see it as a deliberate attempt to upstage Hillary by getting another woman into executive office first. (and, yes, that's a shallow read on it--but for a candidate who offered such little depth, it was hard not to see the whole thing as a gimmick) I think they shot themselves in the foot on that one. Hillary brings out the crazy in people. They should really learn to use that to their advantage more.
  9. Maybe its the Middle American part. Geography-based insults are awesome!
  10. I never thought I'd say this, but I.......I kind of miss Michigan. That had all the excitement of watching the Buckeyes sleepwalk through a game with Indiana. Dear Coach T: There is a crazy trick-play craze sweeping the nation called the "Forward Pass". You guys might want to look into it for the Rose Bowl.
  11. This part here is brilliant. I had an interesting conversation about Palin the other day at a party while watching the OSU/Michigan football game. Don't remember how the topic came up, but this guy went off on a seemingly endless rant about Palin and Glenn Beck and basically the whole nutso/celebrity wing of the GOP. I barely got a word in--which actually made it more fun. Because he kept going on and on about taking OUR party back--stating WE are in the midst of a civil war within the party right now and WE need to leave that sort of infighting to the Democrats and that WE need the kind o
  12. I don't expect "the album" to die entirely. I can't speak to the physical medium--that part is kind of already fading into relative obscurity--but I don't think the idea of presenting multiple pieces of music as a collective whole is going anywhere. I think a lot of artists will continue to work this way by choice, even if it is no longer "necessary" or "the way things are done". At the other end of the spectrum you have recording artists who are really just shooting for a couple hit singles, but are then left to fill up an album's worth of run time because it is what is expected of them--
  13. I enjoyed A Heartbreaking Work... for the first few chapters. I don't know exactly at what point that changed for me, but eventually I decided there was no way I was going to make it through a whole book of that. From other stuff of his I have read, I like him but can only really tolerate him in short bursts.
  14. Oh, absolutely. The first time I read it I can remember thinking it wasn't that great, but the thing that kept me going was how I would periodically get completely lost in the rhythm of the thing. Finally, I realized that that WAS what was so great about it. At the end of my first time though I'm not sure I remembered much about what happened or what it was about, but dang it was an exhilarating ride! Subsequent readings have only made it grow on me more. I appreciate it in a very different way than I would, say, Moby Dick--and explaining what is great about it is almost as difficult as e
  15. I can't believe people listed Moby-Dick! Well, I guess some of the whaling chapters are kind of dry, but its still probably my favorite book. Got to agree with Beloved, though, I'm afraid. Its one of those books I think I wanted to like, but just couldn't--and the fact that I had to write papers on it like 4 times in HS and college makes me think it might be just a tad overexposed. Whatever. I like most of her other books, though, so maybe I'll give Beloved another shot someday.
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