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  1. Sounds great. Thanks for the recommendations
  2. Oh Portland, how I love you. My goals were to see Tweedy, to eat local food and have a fancy cocktail. And I must say I was wildly successful on all counts. Even stayed an extra day to explore more restaurants. Just a solid farm-to-table mentalitly at almost every place we went. Highlights were Empire, Boda, Local 188, Eventide, Vinland, 555, Holy Donuts and Hot Suppa. Looking forward to another visit soon to continue the food tour with Duck fat, Hugo's, Nosh and Central Provisions. Butternut squash ravioli with brown butter and pecans, pastrami egg roll, sweet potato glazed donut, oysters and salted butter semi-fredo, some amazing cocktails made with homemade tinctures and a red wine that tasted a bit like dried salami. oh yeah the Tweedy... I'm always a bit anxious before GA shows because the standing in line factor interferes with exploring a new city (though you do meet some lovely people in line). Definitely wasn't a problem for this show. Basically walked in about 630ish and sat in the second row next to a super cool person. Met 3 Canandians (lovely people as well) who were friends with the loud intoxicated Portland man who decided to talk to Jeff through the entire show. At first it was fine because it was Jeff banter, (who doesn't love Jeff banter) but things escalated and by the end of the show someone from the 3rd row left their seat to yell at him. Despite the drunken behavior I really enjoyed the show. It was my 4th time seeing Tweedy and the third time being at The State Theater. I realize I have more details on the food I ate then of the show but I kind of zone out and go to my happy place when I'm watching Tweedy, (with or without Wilco) and try to stay present. So I'll leave it to others with better memories to comment on the show's details. Looking forward to seeing Wilco at the Ryman in a few weeks. It will be my first time in Nashville so I'm glad I know where I'll be seating so I can go out and explore. And of course find some delicious local dishes (but not friend boloney on white bread, no won't do it)
  3. Thanks for the information radiowilco. The sites I checked say it is already booked. I'll keep looking
  4. I always look forward to this 2 day Tweedyfest every year but couldn't make it this year because of work. Don't know how old Sammy is and how much longer he'll be at this school or how much longer these shows will last but I do hope there is at least one more show for next year and hopefully in March again. Looking forward to hearing the recordings. I think I shall go on a long drive and play the shows back to back and ramble through some backroads Cheers!
  5. Sending you a giant hug and lots of positive energy. Stay strong and believe.
  6. We got about 2 feet in Providence. Now dealing with poorly plowed street. Yesterday there was rain and 40 degrees and today the sun is out so hopefully there will be more melting. Someone said there were a few more storms coming our way this week but haven't looked at the weather yet. Don't want it to ruin my day. Took some snow pics on Sat after the storm
  7. Gold Circle Girl, Good for you!! I'll be right behind you in the cheap seats! See you soon Count me in!
  8. Thanks for the opportunity to come to the show again this year. Had a blast last year. Also love the mid week show- it's easier for me to get a night off. Got really inexpensive flight from Providence. Now must set my alarm for tomorrow so I don't forget to buy tickets CST I'm assuming
  9. I just thank god that they didn't use my audio. I was just rambling and rambling and not making any sense. The cameraman just smiled and was like okay crazy lady. That was a great event at the Vic. If you haven't been to those shows, you must go. It is truly a blast.
  10. I'm so hoping for a lovely summer evening without rain as well. But this year if there is rain, I shall be more prepared with rain boots and an actual raincoat instead of the coat I wore that pretended to be a raincoat, but wasn't.
  11. I'm going to say this old school-Oh My God!! That was a great show. This was my last show of 2012 and I was hoping to rock out and that's just what happened. Love Jeff banter but the show just didn't need any conversation. I was in the mezzanine so most people were sitting but it didn't bother me. Ran down to the front for the 2nd encore. Thank you Wilco for another great year and see you at SS in June BTW Went to a great restaurant in Hartford called the Firebox before the show It was a bit pricey and the portions small but they advertise a farm to table philosophy and also support the lower economic community that they reside in so it was worth it. I would definitely travel back to Hartford just to go there. I look forward to reading about the rest of the tour on VC-keep on posting!!
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