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  1. Hi Looking for ticket for the 30th Where is the seat? Thanks
  2. Oh Portland, how I love you. My goals were to see Tweedy, to eat local food and have a fancy cocktail. And I must say I was wildly successful on all counts. Even stayed an extra day to explore more restaurants. Just a solid farm-to-table mentalitly at almost every place we went. Highlights were Empire, Boda, Local 188, Eventide, Vinland, 555, Holy Donuts and Hot Suppa. Looking forward to another visit soon to continue the food tour with Duck fat, Hugo's, Nosh and Central Provisions. Butternut squash ravioli with brown butter and pecans, pastrami egg roll, sweet potato glazed donut, oyste
  3. I have an extra ticket for Tues and Weds night Oct 21st and 22nd. They are balcony seats Section 10 Row H seat 4 first night, Row F seat 1 the second night. They are will call tickets and I would meet you there to give to you. Email me if you're interested dmhickey@mac.com thanks deb
  4. Thanks for the information radiowilco. The sites I checked say it is already booked. I'll keep looking
  5. I always look forward to this 2 day Tweedyfest every year but couldn't make it this year because of work. Don't know how old Sammy is and how much longer he'll be at this school or how much longer these shows will last but I do hope there is at least one more show for next year and hopefully in March again. Looking forward to hearing the recordings. I think I shall go on a long drive and play the shows back to back and ramble through some backroads Cheers!
  6. Sending you a giant hug and lots of positive energy. Stay strong and believe.
  7. this ticket is sold and cant figure out how to delete. Sorry
  8. Thought I was going to go to Seattle to see Jeff Tweedy but plans fell through. Was able to get 1 ticket during presale. Price is $52.00 If interested please email me at dmhickey@mac.com thanks
  9. Thought I was finally going to be able to visit Seattle but plans fell through and now have one ticket to Jeff's solo show on Dec 8th. Ticket is for presale floor GA. Don't have ticket in hand currently but do have proof of purchase and would be happy to mail when it arrives. Ticket is $52.50. Email me at dmhickey@mac.com Thanks deb
  10. We got about 2 feet in Providence. Now dealing with poorly plowed street. Yesterday there was rain and 40 degrees and today the sun is out so hopefully there will be more melting. Someone said there were a few more storms coming our way this week but haven't looked at the weather yet. Don't want it to ruin my day. Took some snow pics on Sat after the storm
  11. Gold Circle Girl, Good for you!! I'll be right behind you in the cheap seats! See you soon Count me in!
  12. Thanks for the opportunity to come to the show again this year. Had a blast last year. Also love the mid week show- it's easier for me to get a night off. Got really inexpensive flight from Providence. Now must set my alarm for tomorrow so I don't forget to buy tickets CST I'm assuming
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