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  1. Presale were tix gone in first minute! Stub hub ticket grab seems impossible to get around for this venue as I had no luck for 29th... I strongly prefer to avoid getting anything through them. Will try again when regular sales begin, but will be in area of limited cell coverage, so if anyone has a spare ticket on the floor for 30th, would truly appreciate it!
  2. I know the Newport is short notice, so I'll leave a cell: 508-386-6392 Face value... (maybe less for Newport) Can meet there.
  3. Newport Burlington Mass MoCA Hartford then there's always the possibility of................... more
  4. I'm not really seeing the PopMatters list, but attempting to create a momentary personal top 10 is intriguing... in a troubling sort of way. It's like being on an imperiled ship with dozens of people you care about trying to decide who gets in the lifeboat. Numbering these songs is even more difficult... so no particular order here. Muzzle of Bees Hummingbird Ashes of American Flags Far Far Away Summer Teeth One Sunday Morning Passenger Side Red Eyed and Blue - I Got You Blue Eyed Soul Via Chicago The Late Greats One Wing There, thats twelve (I know, 13, but I can't separate conjoined twin
  5. Two guys on acoustic guitars covering "How to Fight Loneliness" and "Forget the Flowers" at a local tavern. Made my whole night!!
  6. Since first listen, The Whole Love and Rising Red Lung have been serious growers for me... One exuberant, the other ethereal. The connection to One Sunday Morning was instant and has never faltered. Solid record for me. Will never be Being there or Summerteeth, but I'm still loving the whole love.
  7. 1) BT 2) ST 3) AM 4) YHF 5) SBS 6) TWL 7) AGIB* 8) WTA The thing about this list... 1,2 & 8 stand solid for me... the rest 3-7 are always shifting for me with mood, season, life events. * But.. songs from AGIB played live blow me away.. they are amazing songs! just not overly crazy about the studio production. That being said.. i love all the studio albums.
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