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  1. ....shit. I left it off accidentally because I am an idiot and don't deserve to be a Wilco fan. Edited. Really sorry guys.
  2. I voted I Am Trying to Break Your Heart in the Best Opener thread. The poll is for the studio albums, not their live shows! I was debating putting Say You Miss Me in here, even though it's not a true closer... oh well.
  3. Yeah man, Calgary to Vancouver? I'm down.
  4. I really like this song. Alot. I wasn't too hot about it when I first listened to it, but I really, really like it now. Open Mind > Capitol > Standing are where TWL sags for me, though. Only a teeny tiny little bit. But Rising Red Lung > The Whole Love > OSM are there to pick the album up and lift it to legendary status. Well, legendary behind YHF and GIB.
  5. Hope they're cooler than the Black Moon Alt Version, I'm fairly sure they will be.
  6. A Gretsch 6118 Anniversary in two-tone smoke green: I'm also really loving the Tweedy SG, but I just wish it was in true pelham blue...
  7. Easily one of my top 3 favorite Wilco songs of all time. It's pretty overlooked, I'm curious to see what you guys think about it. I love John's part during the riff of the demo version, wonder why they took it out of the album version. 'It's become so obvious: you are so oblivious to yourself.'
  8. I really like it. The highlight for me is "And I told you... and you agreed... ...somedays I despise... everyone I see"
  9. Did you guys check out the Live on Letterman performance? Because he used this guitar for Art of Almost. Blew my mind.
  11. Has anyone ever seen these Live On Letterman webcasts actually live? Do they actually stream live? How good is the stream, usually?
  12. Do you guys think that there will be a B-side album? The deluxe "bonus tracks" don't count, do they?...
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