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  1. The vans and people driving were employees from State Theatre. Pat and Glenn were in Hyundai. And the rest of the band and head security (for Wilco) was in the other van. It was really funny to watch them drive up so fast and jump out. I was first in line so I got to see the action pretty close up.
  2. I was up front until Dawned on Me. So I was there for William Tyler and the rowdy talking was really embarrassing. I felt bad for William Tyler. And like you said, it was hard to hear over the murmur. I had my 17 year old daughter with me & she said, "Mom I'm embarrassed for Portland." I shushed 2 women in front of me a few times while WT was playing. I just couldn't take it. They moved away but continued to carry on. I love State Theatre. I think it's fun. It has lots of options for dancing, standing & sitting. I like the bars too, great beer on tap & it's $6.50. I think beer
  3. hmmm. He's been known to jog during Hummingbird & he has no guitar. Was it hummingbird?
  4. Great to meet you too! I'm glad you were comfortable. For the record, the sound at State is not always muddy. It's a tough room for a sound engineer. I told Stan that he did a good job in a tough place. He was so happy for the compliment! He gave me a set list, too funny. I was thinking the sound would be better back near you guys. I kept thinking that I was too close up front but oddly I think the sound was better just being in the center even though I was so close. I like to be about 15 to 20 rows back but I got surged way up front. Have a great time this weekend!
  5. Misunderstood Joke War on War RNG Always in Love California Stars Shot In The Arm
  6. Yes got a bracelet & my bracelet # is 666. I intend to show Jeff. And they still had some yesterday. I think the post from Bull Moose was last night.
  7. Sorry for the confusion! There are stationary seats behind the "pit" on the floor. Sometimes they add these strange rows of chairs in front of the soundboard too but not tomorrow.
  8. I posted on State Theatre page today & asked if they were adding chairs to the floor. They said NO CHAIRS. Made me so happy. I have been to GA shows at the State & they added seats.
  9. It's GA. No seats on the floor in front of the sound board to the stage & open seating everywhere else. I did see Tweedy there once & it was a GA show and they added seats in that area. But there's no way they'll add seats for Wilco.
  10. Haha no, I didn't hear that idiot. I agree the whole band looked happy but John was jumping out of his skin. Yes, come to Maine open invite for that whole brood. Baseball, beaches, breweries, Boston buddy (that's me), bald dogs (that's Thelma), Bates & Bowdoin (for Joey & Emma) & some cool music coming up too. FB or text me if you want to figure something out for the summer.
  11. I got a text that said, "Wilco is a drag." Another good friend thought it was horrible. A few other friends said that there were some "cool moments." So yeah, whatever...more for me. I left my friends in VIP. And I spent the Wilco part of the show alone. I was about 20 rows away in the center. I had tons of room to dance so that was great and nobody "bad vibed" me about dancing so that was fantastic. I'm used to being alone at Wilco so no biggie. Some people near me knew Wilco but most didn't know any Star Wars. People near me seemed 1/2 tuned in. Some people ran from the front from EKG throug
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