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  1. Yes, Judd Apatow was the opener. Per his telling, he will be hosting the Director's Guild Awards, with the requisite opening monologue, and was using the Largo stage to test some of his monologue jokes. He was accompanied by a woman whose name I don't recall, with whom he could banter a bit in connection with the jokes. He told a story about his early career when he and Seth Rogan were pitching a movie idea to Tom Cruise, during which Seth was discussing on-line porn, about which Tom had no familiarity or idea. Seth was convincing him online porn was real and that he did it everyday. Judd did
  2. There is an aud recording on archive.org that you can stream (and see the setlist). Two sets at about an hour each. Thank you taper (teamikoiko) for it getting it up quickly so we can get a sense of the show. Phil Lesh and Friends Live at Sacred Rose Festival on 2022-08-26 : Free Download, Borrow, and Streaming : Internet Archive
  3. LA Times take https://www.latimes.com/entertainment/music/la-et-ms-jeff-tweedy-review-20190102-story.html
  4. Wow, fifth row center (row EE, section 4L) available on ticketmaster just a few hours before showtime. Too bad I'm in LA...
  5. Article on the Tuesday show in the LA Times: http://www.latimes.com/entertainment/music/la-et-ms-wilco-schmilco-ace-20160912-snap-story.html Headline is: "It's pretty fun to hate people."
  6. A few comments on previous comments: Famous People: I didn't see any, but wondered if that was the source of Jeff's comment about "scary" members in the audience... "Really Good Stuff": I thought this shout-out was an interesting tongue-in-cheek way to complement the band in the persona of an old, high-powered, music industry exec. I found it amusing that he referred to the band as the "gang". "really good stuff from you and the gang...." or something like that. Despite the between song shout-outs from the audience, from where I was (Orch center pretty close), the crowd seemed mostly res
  7. Wilco's set started a few minutes after 8:30, and ended a few minutes after 10:30. Great recap of a great show!
  8. The LA presale code on Ticketmaster / AXS for today is FRONTROW. Still some decent seats available.
  9. I pulled a good center orchestra row P single for 9/13. So I'm happy. I had two laptops, an iPad, and an iPhone all going - on a land line, a hotspot, and AT&T data - requesting two tix for 9/13, 9/14, and 9/15 (two devices). Nothing available. Changed to one ticket and pulled the single for 9/13 - no friends on a powder day. Still two more opportunities to see if I can get my wife to join me for 9/14 or 9/15.
  10. I missed the frontgate presale for the Hollywood Bowl, but now see there's a presale on Ticketmaster that requires a password. Anybody have some help on the password? ps: I saw Wilco at the Holly Bowl many years ago opening for REM. A subsequent fanclub xmas single from REM was Country Feedback with REM joined by Wilco. A nice evening, and a nice memento... Found it: the password is BOWL12 Not much of great interest available in the presale however (previously spoiled by the Palladium - Wiltern - LA Theatre shows)... Here's hoping for better in the public on-sale...
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