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  1. If you are OK sitting for a rock show. I'm all for/understand wanting to sit during slow songs, but I hate how being in the balcony automatically means sitting at like 99% of shows and people get super bent out of shape when you stand up, unless it's the encore. Hell, this even applied at Tool at the United Center last month.
  2. Ziggy

    Winterlude 2019

    Same thoughts! I'll be out of town for the first one and was only able to grab good seats for the Wednesday show this morning. Telling myself right now that I'm ok with only hitting 2 of them but that's more difficult than I imagined. I'm really wondering how much setlist variety there will be this time around.
  3. It was $98.10 with fees. Make an offer. It is a hard ticket and I can meet up at Saturday show or anytime over the weekend.
  4. Ziggy

    Tonight 2/22

    I have a single in Row A center or could consolidate with a friend and could make a pair in row E just a bit off center (Pat side, I believe). Text 765.404.5990. Thanks.
  5. I didn't catch that...which song? It was a great show with a solid setlist. I really like when they aren't pushing a new album so all albums are represented equally (although Summerteeth could've been represented a bit better). I don't really agree on the crowd comment. I thought they it was kind of lame. I was stuck in the balcony and there was *no one* standing (maybe a dozen or 2). People were yelling things out at my girlfriend and I when we were standing and about midway through the set they got the usher to come over and try to get us to sit. Then a song later they sent securi
  6. It is. Just follow all signs to downtown and get off at the Henley St exit, which takes you right into downtown. Unless coming from the east(Asheville). Then you will have to get off at Hall of Fame Dr. Turn left and take it to Summit Hill Dr. Take a right on Summit Hill and you are downtown. The Hampton Inn, Hilton, Crown Plaza, and Holiday Inn Select are all less than a 10 minute walk to the venue, with the Hilton probably being the closest. All are nice hotels but some of the Holiday Inn Select's rooms aren't updated. There is also a Four Points by Sheraton that is walking dist
  7. Nama has a great happy hour from 4-6 with $2 pints, half price rolls, and other deals on wine/sake. I'm pretty sure that they offer it on the weekends too.
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