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  1. anyone trying to grab a last minute ticket? A friend backed out today.
  2. this isn't about any particular individual's enjoyment, it is about concertgoers as a whole and maintaining an authentic enjoyable music experience for all. also, if it is distracting to the musicians, it is most certainly an issue.
  3. Elis Regina; Ali Farka Toure and about half of the music I listen to is instrumental. Jacob Fred Jazz Odyssey, Marco Benevento, Bill Frisell, Kaki King, John Williams, Thelonious Monk, to name a few. I do however also have a love of lyricism, of which knowing the language is helpful. but what I really meant by "music transcends language" is that music cannot be defined or discussed adequately without the transcendental experience of actually listening to it. If people try to describe what a band sounds like, it generally doesn't really explain much of anything if you've never heard tha
  4. i think labeling music by genre is problematic, PARTICULARLY in the case of "jam bands." what is meant by the term "jam?" does it simply mean improvisation? in that case was Thelonious Monk a member of "jam bands?" i really dislike the term. Improvisation is a skill, not a genre. some improvisation is boring/predictable. some improvisation is extremely impressive and enjoyable and takes the live music experience to a level that otherwise cannot be achieved. unfortunately, so many "jam bands" sound so alike that people group them into some genre and then any band who starts jamming ge
  5. that may very well be the case.
  6. some of these chords are the same chord as i posted but in a different position on the guitar. i'm not sure how jeff tweedy plays it or what is easiest for other people to play. also, i find it helpful to have the actual chords written out (esp. when they aren't just typical cowboy chord shapes) in order for other instruments to join in more easily without transposing. but i am open to changing the chord names to reflect the relative chord shapes if that is the consensus.
  7. thanks for your suggestions! I will check em out. I think on my transcription i did not specify the bass notes in the chord names. some technicalities: a chord such as "D9" implies a dominant 7th in the chord, whereas a "Dadd9" skips the dominant 7th. the chord that you laid out is a Dadd9. similarly with the G4, what you have written out is a Gadd4 (a major G chord + a 4th). if the 3rd is omitted, that would be a Gsus4. the term "G4" is generally used to mean the single G note within the 4th octave on a piano.
  8. i really love Elliott Smith. I think it is some of the most beautiful stuff ever, and has many-a-time gotten me through dark spells.
  9. i have not heard Laughner. ill check him out! i am in love with every album that i listed, including summerteeth...its so hard to put them in an order from favorite to least favorite when they are all so great.
  10. ah, i would be happy to point out The Slip's music to you. It's quite eclectic, ranging from jazz to folk rock to experimental psychedelic rock to so-called 'indie rock.' so, depending on your music preference you may like some of it more than others. but i love most all of it. If I were to recommend an album: Folkier stuff: Aliveacoustic psychedelic: Alivelectric jazz: From the Gecko, or Does this one is on alivelectric: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wBY-lrSNmtM not great audio quality but that's youtube for ya. let me know if u want to know any more about these guys.
  11. Are you familiar with their stuff from their days as The Slip? that is some of my favorite music ever. and some of my fondest memories are of Slip shows.
  12. thanks for the welcome, everyone
  13. ah i lived in brighton a few years ago. Brighton Music Hall...is that the old Harper's Ferry or a new venue all together?
  14. I admit that i never really bothered much with A.M. or Being There. I listened to them a few time and they seemed like straightforward songs that didn't pull me in. (not that there's anything wrong with a nice simple song) i owe those records a revisit, though.
  15. I highly recommend this band. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b6U6bHrKV2M
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